Black Tire Dye

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    For those of you looking to paint the white lettering on your tires black or if you have scuffed the sidewalls so bad that the white layer is now showing I have a solution for you. Get a bottle of Fiebings black Leather Dye from a leather/shoe repair shop or Amazon, 7 bucks for 4 oz. This is a thin solution and it even comes with a dauber. it should be permanent. my tires are pretty old so I did the letters with the dye, then, I ordered a tire paint on ebay to do the entire side wall. If, for some reason the ebay product doesn't do a good enough job, i'll dye the whole tire with the leather dye. there are many other uses for this product. I have used the dark brown color for staining wood and gun stocks. I find it is much better than Minwax. It really soaks into anything porous. Hope this is what you need for your tires.