Battery issues??

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    Sep 6, 2012
    I own a 06 jeep liberty and i have been experiencing some issues with the battery dying. my battery is an autocraft silver and the date on it is 5/09, which is 3 years old and i know i should probably invest in buying a new one but i wanted to explain what has been going on. I will get in my jeep and it will just click but all my lights and radio will come on and then i get a jump and it runs fine and if i keep it running for awhile then it can be turned off and sit for a few hours and start fine. I took it to Advance Auto to get them to check the battery, altenator, starter, and ignition. The battery averages between 13.8 to 14v which is ok, if i do believe i am correct 14.5v is where it should be. The altenator is in perfect condition as is the starter and ignition. I did have corrosion build up but i disconnected my cables and proceeded to clean with a wire brush and did the terminals as well. i checked my positive cable that runs to my starter and there is no build up and is tight against the starter. i also did the same for the negative cable. i can leave the jeep running and disconnect the positive and it remains running and then do the same with the negative. But one last note for the past three days it has started fine but has been slow at times to crank, which is definitely making me scratch my head. So as i have tried troubleshooting this issue, i can not seem to come up with a solution. If anyone could please help me figure this out or lead me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

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    time for a new battery. easy peasy.
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    When my battery was not cold weather happy I had issues starting (not that its gotten cold yet). Have you got the standard lights dim when using power windows routine, or when tcs kicks in; or like mine, its had always done it.

    The KJ likes a biggish and happy battery, like those fancy AGM odyssey or die hard P4's (sears). Don't get sticker shock.

    The top end would be a 34/78 PC1500 Odyssey 880 CCA. Their $300 CAD.

    If testing and the like are not a possibility, put it on a trickle charger and try it after its done. Will probably works flawlessly.

    Without robustly testing the PCM and how it regulates voltage and charging, I'd say charging / alternator isn't your issue.