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    May 19, 2019
    I am French and I just bought a 2005 Jeep Liberty KJ.
    This KJ has Infinity speakers in the front doors.
    Currently it is equipped with a radio RB3 with CD changer in the trunk.
    I want to install a more modern radio with bluetooth connection, hands free kit, retrieve steering wheel controls, GPS and possibility to install a backup camera.
    I ordered and received this car audio on the site https://www.autoradio-gps-discount....utoradio-auto-radio-dvd-gps-tnt-tv-radios/991 -jeep-chrysler-dodge-android-wifi-4g-3g-radio-station-multimedia-gPS-waze-smartphone-MirrorLink-iphone-ipod-tv-bluetooth.html.
    It fits perfectly in the center console and it was delivered with the Jeep adapter.
    Only I have no sound to the speakers.
    There are many posts on the subject and I understand that it is simply necessary to feed the relay of the Infinity amp with a + 12V which is on the wire of the remote control of the car radio.
    My aftermarket radio has no remote control, so I thought to take the + 12 V on the antenna wire.
    Only I do not know which wire of the Jeep connector I have to connect it.
    I looked for posts on this subject, I found only diagrams for the WJ.
    On the beam of the car radio, I noticed that there was a pin that was not connected with the pin of the KJ, it is white and pink.
    As photos are better than a long speech I attach them below.
    In France there are few forums dedicated to the KJ and it is practically impossible to have information on this subject.
    So if anyone can tell me which pin I need to connect this +12 V, I thank him in advance.
    Thanks for reading me

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