55 years old : my first online shipping experience from Hex

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    Mar 26, 2018
    I live in Guam and own 2012 Jeep Liberty.
    Two weeks ago, I noticed some wheel lug nuts are too loose and two or three of them are rusting.
    I had gone to several wheel & tires stores they told us don’t have wheel lug nuts fit my car and couldn’t find correct ones locally.Then my son suggested I could purchase online.
    Finally I placed an order from Hex auto parts and my son paid for these black wheel lug nuts.
    After 5 days,I received my package,
    looks well-made and very fast shipping.They look great with my blacked out wheels.
    The only complaint is that three pcs are missing.
    But I am still very happy because this seller fix the issue as soon as they can.All in all,happy trails and a very good experience buying a set of wheel lug nuts would recommend using Hex as a parts source.
    Now my jeep back to road and want to have a road trip with my family this weekend.
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