242J (Selec-Trac) swap for 6spd


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Mar 6, 2012
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For those unfamiliar, this is about changing the Command-trac (part-time only) transfer case to the Selec-Trac which includes a '4wd full-time' mode. In a 6-speed KJ, the part-time transfer case is a 241J.

My donor was an '03 Limited with the 45RFE I ended up using the tcase itself, the shifter, and the rear driveshaft. 98% bolt-in. The original driveshaft fits too, but I decided its yoke was a tad close to bottoming out inside the boot.

The shifter ended up being the main event. The cable length, travel, and the bracket were all different. Not sure exactly what is attributed to model year vs.
trans type vs. tcase. I tried the 241 shifter in the 242, but its shorter travel wouldn't give 2wd mode. The 242's bracket has no place to mount on the side of the 6-speed, so what I did was modify the 241 bracket (die grinder and file) to fit the fatter 242 shifter cable.


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