2014 Patriot needs some tires!!


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Jan 13, 2017
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My fiancé has a certified 2014 Patriot Latitude with 40,000 miles. The Pat is really sharp inside and out. The tires are way too small though. It is currently on 215/60/r17...there's so much space in the wheelwell and those low profile tires just look off. I can't wait to get a new set underneath her. I'm thinking I could easily fit another inch and a half diameter tire in there. Which would giver her a little lift and imo make it look way better! My only real complaint is that it doesn't have a beefy 4x4 system. She said she's going to wait another year before she buys tires though :( I'd get her some this summer but I'm too busy paying for our new baby and trying to pimp out my KJ lol.

she isn't a fan of it but someday when she is unawares I'm going to take that thing out and play with it!....n no not that thing!

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