2002 Liberty smoke show


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Apr 12, 2022
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2002 Jeep Liberty 160K been smoking from what I thought was valve cover gaskets. It's been parked for a month. Went out today to figure out where the leak is. It does have a minor oil leak from the valve cover but when I was under it while running its blowing white smoke out the donut gaskets on both side of the cat and emitting the hugest white cloud out the tailpipe. I'm assuming the head gasket is bad or the head is cracked. It seems I topped off the coolant twice last year and now the overflow is completely empty. How hard of a job is it to change the head on these motors? I've done my fair share of Chevy 350's which is pretty easy and a head in a Grand AM which I would never do again. I need a new fender and a door from a winter fender bender so not sure if it's worth it to save this thing or just let it go.

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