08 Patriot oil leak

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Jun 15, 2021
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Finally got access to my granddaughters 2008 patriot for the oil pressure sending unit replacement. Must say accessing the switch was a royal PITA.
Question is could changing this oil switch which was hemorrhaging oil have caused an excessive amount of oil to leak from the 166K valve cover gasket, at the rear?
Bizarre trying to connect the switch and a valve cover leak, I know.
I pressurized the old switch with shop air, it was leaking out of the wire terminals pretty good, when off the car.
My local mechanic buddy says no way just coincidence.
The oil had started leaking worse than before out of the rear of the engine and onto the exhaust. This was causing the car to smoke badly out of the hood and into the car, my granddaughter said.
Yes a valve cover gasket replacement solved it, they were long overdue original .
Odd timing for the leak after the oil switch replacement?

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