07 Liberty Sport Won't Start

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    Ok guys I'm at a loss, She won't start - when I turn it on I get a half hearted try at turning over for about 1-2 seconds then nothing. Battery is fully charged, even tried a small jump pack and then tried jumping from my old faithful spare battery. Still the same a wha wha and then nothing. Lights are all lit up and I know there is sufficient power but it does this and stops. I'm not to sure now what to check.

    Usually when there is not enough power with this baby I get a clicking noise and a jump gets me going. Now this - it tries for about 1 -2 seconds and gives up the ghost.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are always welcomed.

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    Cranking amps are important and a battery load test is always a good idea first.
    It could be a bad starter situation as well but try this:
    Confirm your location is the same or refer to owners manual:
    You can first try swapping the relays around or then try to jump the starter see pic:
    This video shows the jumper with ignition on, in action as well.
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    Also check the battery connections are clean and tight both ends and there are grounding straps that ground the engine to the chassis...two of them for the V6...make sure they are clean and tight all ends.

    You can take a thick cable such as used on Jumper Leads and clamp one end to the negative side of the battery and the other end to the Starter Motor casing itself...If it now turns over nicely then you have an engine grounding issue!;)
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