05 lib 3" lift

Discussion in 'Tires / Wheels' started by Eugene M Tobias, Apr 18, 2020.

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    Apr 17, 2020
    I have an 05 kj with 3 inch lift. I would like to run a 16x8 rim and have brand new 265/70/16 on her right now. My question is can I run a 0 offset rim or what is the widest I can go without being majorly negative on my offset. Rubbing bad is my worry. Still have the fender flares and wifey wont let me take them off.
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    Never remove the flares unless you like a hacked up looking KJ
    What 3 inch lift first question?
    Second I run 8 inch wide wheels on my 03 and 04 with 2.5 inches of lift and 265-70-16s / 4.10 gearing on the 03 and over 4 inches of lift and 265-75-16s/4.10s on the 04
    Both running Moabs from an 03-06 Wrangler Rubicon , 8 inches wide and 5 inches of backspacing.
    With 4 inches of backspacing on a 8 inch wide wheel, you'll have more rub when turning, will have to run more bumpstop in the rear etc
    7 inch wide and 4 inches of backspacing also works great with no issues