03 Liberty 4x4 - 5spd - Maintenance Plan (3.7)

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    Sep 13, 2019
    I just bought my first Jeep, (second car, but first car I actually like). 03 Liberty, 5spd, its a ton of fun.
    I use it to transport my welder and my dogs for work. (3.7L)
    Its remarkably clean, and has been very well maintained by the single previous owner. On top of that, I'm fairly capable when it comes to mechanics and experience, so I think I can do most of the maintenance on my own, and I would like to.

    Yesterday I did an oil change, spark plugs and cleaned the coils. I check tire pressure daily (and oil).
    I bought the FSM for this year and I went through the maintenance schedule and I plan on doing the axle drain and fill, PCV, etc, etc.

    I wanted to know, on top of what is listed in the maintenance book - What things can I put into a checklist to do/check/replace/recommend for buying a new but used vehicle. I'm not concerned with how long the list is, I just want to do all the maintenance and preventative care I can. This truck has to last me until I finish my CWI exam.

    Thanks much :)
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Maintenance is key to keeping the jeep well.
    Refer to fsm for fluid and gear lubes specs.
    The rear diff should be serviced every 30k.
    If it has a trac loc diff it requires the limited slip mopar 4 oz. Bottle additive.
    Front transfer case & diff service every 50k and check them at fill plug occasionally and check for leaks.
    Trans atf+4, I service every 50k.
    Hoat coolant every 5 years and do hoses or mopar thermostat as required.
    When u replace serpentine belt replace tensioner assembly.
    I keep a spare belt in jeep.