1. oblivionnewtonjohn

    AC compressor replaced, worked great first day, now only cold at low vehicle speed

    I replaced the compressor and accumulator,etc. I had Pep Boys pull vacuum and charge. It worked great the first few days, we went on vacation, returning I noticed it wasn't blowing as cold, started to worry there may be a leak. But I then noticed it would **** cold at low vehicle speed or...
  2. WheelNut

    Very little heat- Diagnosing the source of the problem?

    Hi guys, First post here! I recently bought a $1000 KJ as my first 4x4 and she's a bit rough around the edges! I was looking for a nice XJ, but of course finding a 2-door manual that isn't wrecked is impossible and the KJ was definitely in my budget. Also, who doesn't like a project?! Oh, and I...

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