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  1. polomaan

    Replace kj with 11 grand Cherokee?

    Thinking of purchasing a lightly used 2011 grand Cherokee Laredo. Love the kj but would prefer less miles. Anybody driven one? Opinions?
  2. polomaan

    New Tires...

    The lib is light, but has a good amt of the back wheels spin if not careful (especially in the rain). So, now I have two jacked up up back tires that are kinda bald due to the spinning durning winter and needing allignment. Went to replace the back two, and found that if I use 4WD...
  3. polomaan

    Engine noise- with pic!

    I'll do the best I can to explain this... When I press the gas from a stop I get a loud fast racheting noise from under the hood. It goes away in just a second. It also does it when i slow to a stop (again, for just a second). It also does it when i hit the gas when my kj is in park. I've...
  4. polomaan

    Phantom Oil Light

    About 1 of 10 times I start my jeep, my oil light turns on and stays on. I immediately stop, and turn the engine off. Then I restart the engine and the oil light doesn't come on at all. Bad sensor? Important to have checked out? There's plenty of oil, I have checked numerous times.
  5. polomaan

    Alternator Clutch

    Almost every time I slow to a stop or take off from a stop there are a couple of seconds where I hear this shuttering sound (like gears try to engage but the clutch is not quite out yet). I took it to the stealership and they told me it was the "Alternator clutch." I checked and it does sounds...
  6. polomaan

    Can I replace alternator? Do I need to?

    I had my car diagnosed today at the stealership. $98 those ********. Something like a clutch in my alternator is broken or just not working well or just making noise. Anyway, I figure it's fine for now, until my alternator stops working all together. So, when it does go out... can I do it...
  7. polomaan

    water pump...coolant leak

    after my 05 warms up and fans kick on, the coolant leaks (good amt) from what i think is the water pump. anybody want to do a quick how to for me to replace the water pump? i've never done it before, but i'm pretty smart and willing to get my hands dirty. thanks all!
  8. polomaan

    Light problem after getting wet

    I was launching jet skis from a trailer and the back of the jeep probably went a little too far into the water. The trailer light connection got wet but it has a rubber sheath around it. The water may have been high enough where a good portion of the bumper was in the water. When I was...
  9. polomaan

    Light Bar

    So after reading a how-to make my own light bar... I think I'm in...with a few changes. Mainly I want to know how bright I can get these lights to be without using HID lights. I'm thinking 4 would be nice and as bright as can be. Thanks!
  10. polomaan

    Hard Water Spots

    Sprinkler on campus nailed my lib and left water spots... how can I get them off? thanks -g
  11. polomaan

    BUYING TIRES TODAY- Got 'em on w/ PICS [General Grabber AT2]

    ...So I'm sold on getting General Grabber AT 2's because of many reasons...mostly because I can get 4 for my size 16" rim for $404 shipped :). I want to get them in a 245/70TR-16 and I think they should not rub but I wanted to double check with you guys. There's a guy who has an 06 lib similar...
  12. polomaan

    overheating, voltage, wiring, amp (Renamed for usage)

    I'm installing my 10" Kicker L5 and 500/1 RMS amp today afterwork (woo hoo!). I am not replacing the factory Head Unit so I need to use the speaker level inputs for the amp. First of all, the amp(a kenwood) is so cool because it has a speaker level adaptor that you splice the wires into and...
  13. polomaan

    subwoofer security

    what did you guys do to secure your subs in your cargo area? I have a kicker l5 10" that is in a fairly compact sealed box and don't want it to get stolen. I'm in college and I know there are theiving ******** eyeballing my setup.... I want it to be easily portable so i can use all of my...
  14. polomaan

    lift Q's----upgrade time

    I have an 05 sport kj and was recently off-roading when i got was minor and i got out but it ****** me off enough to want to make a few upgrades. everything is stock right now(and it has done damn good so far). i would like to lift it up 2-2.5" and put some bigger tires on the stock...
  15. polomaan

    sirius radio quality

    My 05 sport came with Sirius and a year of free service so I've been testing it out and really have not been impressed with the quality of the music. It sounds like it's coming through mono/muffled or something... I don't know if something is wrong with my hardware or that's just how it...
  16. polomaan


    I think I would like to get a basslink... I know there's ebay but I wanted to check to see if anybody was getting rid of theirs first. Thanks!
  17. polomaan

    Infinity Basslink?? Ya or Na? Give your opinion!!!

    I'm looking to put some more bass in my new lib and I wanted to know if the Infinity Basslink is going to give me what I need. Let me know what you guys think about it. Thanks!!!
  18. polomaan

    Sub Wiring

    I just bought my new KJ about a month ago and have decided that I reaaaaally need a sub to give it some great bass. I'm thinking I'll go with only 1 to conserve space...but make it a POWERFUL one, haha. I want to put the amp under any seat i can or even mount it to the side of the box which...