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    Updated Forum Rules

    Hi everyone...the mod and admin team has decided to update the forum rules. Here they are: 1. Family Friendly We are a family forum and would like to keep it that way. Respect yourself as well as others. We do not tolerate threats and/or harassment. 2. Pictures There will be NO ****** of...
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    New admins/mods

    Hello all, as you may have noticed INC has retired from his Admin position. Since we get more and more traffic on here we asked if Yellocoyote and Hoosierjeeper would be willing to help out Tonycrd. Both accepted and so...please welcome our new administrators YC and HJ..:D Any concern you may...
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    New moderator, please welcome Yellocoyote

    (welcome) Yellocoyote!
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    Finally, a mod for the KK section

    Please welcome Diggerfreek, proud KK owner (and a very special one!) and now Mod for the KK section.
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    Hi all, please read

    Hi all, We are not to happy with the way certain threads turned from informative to 'lets bash each others heads in'. If you feel the need to insult, threaten or otherwise be offensive to others, please go mow your lawn, have a beer or play a game until you cooled down. We were hoping...
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    New Moderator

    Inc (Mike) has become a new moderator for JKJ. For those that don't know, he is a Admin over on LOST, and has decided to join up here. wavey.gif
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    Staff Change.....

    Congrats to Dave. We welcome Dave to our Moderation Team!!!!!(partysmile)
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    New Staff

    We are proud to announce changes to the Staff to help manage the site. WJKJ and KJ924 are added to the crew as Moderators. And Desertkj and TonyCRD have both been promoted to Admin status. With any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any mod or admin. Thanks to everyone for...