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    Wife's '12 KK fan selector stuck on defrost

    Among the many projects that I'm working on, I checked the actuators, both work. The gear for the mode door is broken, I've located the new distribution box and a Mopar seal kit. To be safe, I'm replacing the heater core too. Thanks Guys, Tony
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    Wife's '12 KK fan selector stuck on defrost

    We owned this KK for 10 years and it's never had any problems. All of the air from the fan comes out of the defroster and the outside dash vents. Is it a switch problem or the actuator or door not working? Thanks for any suggestions, Tony
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    New member from Colorado

    Since 1999, I've owned 3 Cherokees, an '85, '91, and a '98. Currently my wife drives a '12 KK (91,500 miles) and I have a '21 Cherokee Limited. I joined recently since the KK finally has a problem and I'll post the cause in the appropriate forum. Tony