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    KJ in movie CRAWL (2019)

    It's always cool to catch a familiar ride in a movie, especially when it's reppin' for the Jeep crew. And even though it might not be featured throughout the whole flick, it still adds some flavor to the scenes, right? As for the movie itself, Crawl is all about survival against some gnarly...
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    Solar panels

    That sounds frustrating. It's disappointing when the solar panels don't perform as expected. It might be worth considering panels with higher ratings to see if they meet your power needs more effectively. However, it's essential to ensure compatibility with your power station. You could also...
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    Engine Rebuild

    You're right to suspect a head gasket issue with coolant in the oil and rough idling. Rebuilding the engine is definitely a good idea to get as much use out of the car as possible. When rebuilding an engine, it's important to replace any worn or damaged parts. In addition to new heads or testing...