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    Rocky Road vs JBA UCA?

    Thanks for the feedback - I am looking at canceling PRO and ordering JBA. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Rocky Road vs JBA UCA?

    I ordered my PRO UCA last week, and I am still waiting. After a few missed ship dates and false promises I final got a straight answer, 2 more weeks. Customer service with PRO stink. They have already charged my credit card and got paid. I recommend JBA over PRO for that reason every time...
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    Aftermarket upper A-arms

    longer front A-Arms Try rocky road, I just added a 2" rusty lift on top of OME springs that netted about 2.5" inches of additional lift and now I have front A-arms rubbing on the coil spring. They look good and are more affordable.
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    Lift faq: Read before asking questions!

    I added 4 - 1/8 spacers between the clevis and strut. Each 1/8 provides about a 1/4 lift.
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    Lift faq: Read before asking questions!

    Over the top strut spacers Has anyone used Rusty's over the spacers? The spacers mount on the top of the strut and are advertised to provide 2" of lift. They also sell the rear coil spring seat that gives 2" of lift. I am looking to add 2 more inchs on top of the OME springs. I would be...
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  9. 265 75 R16s

    265 75 R16s

  10. Winter camp out

    Winter camp out

  11. 265 75 R16s

    265 75 R16s

  12. 2004 Jeep Liberty

    2004 Jeep Liberty

  13. 2004 Jeep

    2004 Jeep

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