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  1. Hunter Toth

    KK Front Max Height

    I have heard tommudd say before hes ran a KJ with a 4.5 lift in the front with no cradle drop. If the KJ has a stock hub-center-to-fender of 19", does that mean after the lift it was at 23.5"? If the KK has 18" stock fender height, is it possible to get it up to 23.5" too (+5.5??)?? I would be...
  2. Hunter Toth

    ATH Fox Coilover Lift

    Hey all, I'm going down the road of a ATHFab style Fox coilover lift. Morgan plasma cut a set of the top plates and spring perches and Ive just welded them together. These are the part numbers ive gathered so far: Shock options (5" travel): FOX-980-02-000 (Emulsion) FOX-980-02-040 (Remote...
  3. Hunter Toth

    Better Rear Bump Stops?

    I have been using these Crown auto bumps on the rear of my liberty, and the soft foam splits and they disintegrate after about 6 months of use. Anybody know any stronger alternatives?
  4. Hunter Toth

    KK 4" Rear Lift Springs (kind-of)

    Hey guys, I figured it would be of use to someone to know that I have found a decent alternative for 4" rear springs since nobody advertises them anymore First off, gotta give OME credit. I had no idea they had an applications catalog with all their spring specs in it :D Here's a link to it...
  5. Hunter Toth

    WAM Bumper

    Hey guys, This is just a first look, but I now have the WAM bumper on and ready to go. I'll post more pics of it out in the wild soon Install would have been straight forward. somehow my brackets had misaligned holes so I had to drill 4 new holes as only 2 lined up, they offered new brackets...
  6. Hunter Toth


    Well, Ive finished the rack and pinion replacment. Got in, turned it in and air bag light turns on I thought i was carful, I had the sear belt wrapped around through the wheel (centered) so it could only move a small amount each way After the steering shaft was back in and connected I turned...
  7. Hunter Toth

    Steering Rack Quality

    Hey guys, Im going to replace the steering rack on my 2008 I (admittedly) bought a remaned Detroit Axle one It looked very clean when I unboxed it, but i found a deformation in one of the fittings. I know these are high pressure hydraulic lines, so is this a no no? I havnt contacted them...
  8. Hunter Toth

    Gears for my KK

    There is a sticky thread on the gears available for the KK and Diggerfreek mentions that you can get 4.56 and even 4.88 gears in the KK I've heard before that the KJ has a max of 4.10 in the front? Also, does anybody know when the carrier has to be replaced? I'm only looking at changing gears -...
  9. Hunter Toth

    KK stock ride height

    hey guys, ive heard the stock ride height of a KJ is 19" from center of hub to bottom of fender flare. Is this the same for the KK? I just went out and measured and mine are as follows: DF - 21 1/8 DR - 22 3/8 PF - 21 3/8 PR - 22 1/2 it leans to driver side a bit because of the gas tank +...
  10. Hunter Toth

    ESPOFF on dash, SERV 4WD light on

    I was driving up to my cabin today and I had some weird issues I noticed the traction control light came on while driving, and the dash said ESPOFF shortly after, it would go away and the come back soon enough, the SERV 4WD light comes on as well from what I've read it seems like it should...
  11. Hunter Toth

    KK New front driveshaft - binding in 4wd?

    hey guys, i hope you all are doing well with the quarentine. i have been speding my days doing some maintenance to my 08 Liberty and ran into some issues after my new front driveshaft i noticed the CV boot on my shaft had broke so i decided to replace it, this is the replacment shaft i went...
  12. Hunter Toth

    3.5" Econo lift hits rock bottom on the rear

    Hey guys, It has been 8 months now with what was the JBA/Tommudd's econo lift for the KK Liberty. My initial thoughts: WOW this thing rides great!! And it rode great, for some time - but now I'm having some issues with the rear. My post here shows all the components included in the kit (and...
  13. Hunter Toth

    JBA & Tommudd's 3.5" Econo lift Additions

    Hey guys, I am planning on lifting my 08 Liberty using the 3.5" Econo lift kit. For those of you that have done this before, what outside the scope of the parts included should/need be upgraded as well? I am thinking about things like sway bar links (front & rear), brake lines, track bar...

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