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  1. LaneKJ

    Need Y'all's help

    So we're in the middle of selling the KJ. Everyone that has come to look at it has been very pleased, until after they test drive it. After about 10-20 mins of driving, there is a sometimes faint but very distinct fluid burning smell. Not sure if coolant or oil, but there is no smoke or leak...
  2. LaneKJ

    Let me just make known...

    that this site is so much easier to use than other forums. I tried signing up for a forum for my new car that I recently got and its so confusing to navigate. Huge thanks to the admins for making a forum thats fun and easy to use. I miss my KJ terribly.... :(
  3. LaneKJ


    I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone that has helped me on this forum. Unfortunately, last weekend I had to bid goodbye to Libby. Gas mileage has been absolutely killing me lately, and she was rounding the corner to have some issues. Spent today putting the stock headunit back in and...
  4. LaneKJ

    New Toys for Libby

    Tomorrow is a big day for the Libby. Finally got the money saved up to get a system I'm getting 2 12" Memphis PR Subwoofers in a ported box with a 1200 watt amp. It's getting installed tomorrow morning at my local car audio store. I will post pictures tomorrow when I get the chance, and let...
  5. LaneKJ

    Engine Steams During Heavy Rain

    This is the second time I've noticed this, but I haven't really looked into it. Wondered what y'all thought first.. We got some heavy rain down here today. After just driving down the road to pick up dinner, less that 5 minutes, I noticed steam coming out from under the hood. Car idles fine...
  6. LaneKJ

    Question For All The Experts Out There..

    So about 400-some odd miles ago I had my regular service done at Jiffy ****. Oil change mainly, but we decided we wanted to do a ****** flush as well. Well we got it done, and they said sometimes the fluid gets air pockets in it so they said to drive it a bit and come back in a couple days so...
  7. LaneKJ

    Check this out guys... Found this interesting.

    *** ONE OWNER 2006 JEEP LIBERTY LIMITED ED. LEATHER ONLY 22K MILES *** 2006 Jeep Liberty 2wd Limited.. only 22,000 miles. Something's fishy here. Not sure what, though. Not to mention, cars with this low of mileage that old tend to have problems from sitting. No telling what that one looks...
  8. LaneKJ

    I'm Back (Update)

    Hello again everyone. It's been a few months since I've been on or posted. Been pretty busy with school and other things. As it stands now, she has 115,300 miles on her. I think last time I posted, she had 113,300. So that's about 1000 miles a month. Took Lil Blue out mudding about a month ago...
  9. LaneKJ

    September JPOTM: Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

    Alright guys! Post pictures of your Jeep in situations where it "seemed like a good idea at the time". This could be on the trail, in parking lots, in traffic, etc. Due to the delay of a topic, posting time will be slightly extended. But enough to where we still keep this in the month of...
  10. LaneKJ

    September JPOTM

    Hey guys, been a bit busy this week. New topic will be up by Sunday. Thats a promise. Had some family issues to take care of. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience.
  11. LaneKJ

    August 2012 JPOTM Winner!

    Since HJ has the thread locked, here is the result from the August JPOTM Contest! Congratulations to: RenegadeBullitt, For having the most votes for Dirtiest KJ!
  12. LaneKJ

    August JPOTM Poll - Dirtiest KJ!

    pippobug renegadebullitt yellocoyote
  13. LaneKJ

    Long Live The Liberty

    A week from today: Chrysler will end production on the Liberty. I must say this makes me drive mine with pride now, and I'm happy to own such a good vehicle. It's sad that it has to be this way, but good things don't last forever. RIP Liberty. One of my favorite and personal best cars of all...
  14. LaneKJ

    August JPOTM: Dirtiest KJ

    Alright guys, you know what time it is. Post your pictures of your KJ (or KK) the dirtiest you have ever had it. If you're unaware of the rules, please refer back to the sticky's! Have at it guys. :smokin:
  15. LaneKJ

    New Topics

    Good evening everyone. I'm a big fan of input and hearing everyone's idea's. As you can tell or may have already noticed, the contest has been running out of idea's for topics lately. Some might think we could have used all the possible ones up, but I don't think so. I want to hear from...
  16. LaneKJ

    Update on JPOTM

    Hey guys. HJ has handed the reigns over to me to take over JPOTM. I'm excited to be doing this, and can't wait to see how it goes. Since we are in the middle of the month as it is, JPOTM will start beginning of August with the August theme. I'm gonna try and keep the topic easy, so that way...
  17. LaneKJ

    Is there a way...

    To get one of the Admins to change my username? I don't like it much anymore and would like it changed. Also if you could delete "BonneyKJ". That was a second account I made and I don't use it. Thanks.
  18. LaneKJ

    Anyone recognize this KJ?

    Don't know if this is the right section... ANYWAYS.. the title says it. Anyone recognize this one?? It was spotted in the Walmart parking lot in Baldwin Co. Alabama. Didn't get a chance to meet the guy and just wanted to know if it looked familiar to anyone?
  19. LaneKJ

    Lifting a 2wd KJ

    Here's my issue. As stated below, I have an 04 KJ 2WD. I got new front shocks this time last year because the originals ones were shot. I do need new rear shocks, but they're holding up so I've left them on. With it being a 2wd, I do not see me taking it on any serious offroad trips. Now...
  20. LaneKJ

    Highest Mileage Thread

    I'm just curious to see... Who has the highest mileage on their KJ on here? And have you had to do any major repairs to get it that far? Post the year and how much mileage it has. Thanks guys. :smokin: