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    RB1 with iPod and Sirius Display Artist and Song

    I bought some wire that was the same size as the rest of the harness (maybe 12 ga?). Nothing I had in the garage was long enough, it had to run from the passenger rear up to the head unit so it was kinda long. I don't remember exactly which pinout it was but I think if you look at the harness...
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    Detroit Lockers with Selectrac

    Thinking about getting front and rear lockers. This is my daily driver with weekend fun thrown in a few times a year. Would the DTT for the front be fine with the selectrac? I read in an older post it might cause issues with full time that I use in bad weather (flooded roads, snow, etc.) but...
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    JBA Steel Diff

    Long shot I know but if you got one sitting in your garage just taking up space or whatever hit me up.
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    Random misfire MIL- Solved?

    Perhaps this is what you are looking for?
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    Support - Can't post thread in For Sale or Item Wanted

    I'm not sure if that was there before but it is now along with the post thread button. Thanks!
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    Support - Can't post thread in For Sale or Item Wanted

    I'll give it a few days and if I still can't post in for sale then I'll follow your advise. Thanks!
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    Support - Can't post thread in For Sale or Item Wanted

    The orange button that says "Post Thread" isn't there so I can't start a thread in For Sale or Wanted. If I go to another section, like General Discussion, the button is there so I could start a thread there. I know sometimes there is a minimum post count or time but I've got almost 100 posts...
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    Support - Can't post thread in For Sale or Item Wanted

    Orange Button in upper right just isn't there in those sections. Any ideas as to why?
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    WTB: Assorted 1st gen KJ stuff

    FYI the chrome door handles are aftermarket and held on with 3m should be able to just pry them off to reveal the stock black handles. Or go to ebay and buy the chrome tailgate handle so they all match. Whichever your OCD prefers lol.
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    What is This?

    It is the remote start antenna.
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    Muffler Time

    I love my Gibson, stainless, factory routing, and no drone just slightly more rumble then stock.
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    Replacing BFG's

    I'm running the Goodyear Ultraterrain and like them, not as loud as my Duratracs were but still aggressive tread and snow-rated. Check them out and see if they are available in any of the sizes you want.
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    265/75 or 265/70?

    I have the JBA 4" lift and regeared to 4:10s. I've pounded the pinch weld over. I have the TJ Moab wheels. I'm currently running 245/75 Duratracs and will get another set of Duratracs. I am now in need of new tires as a nail punctured the sidewall on one of mine. They probably still had some...
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    Interior Door Panels

    I just got back form a 9 month deployment and after I reinstalled my battery I got in to take it for a test drive just to make sure everything was working fine. The damn sunvisor broke when I took the sunscreen down and then the door handle broke away from the panel when I closed the door...
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    After I got the Super-skink sliders and roof rails from Rock Lizard I tried to purchase his Komodo dragon rear bumper but Martin just wouldn't do it. I don't remember the exact price but it was at least a grand. If you or anyone else could make something similar I would expect to pay at least...
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Where were you able to find someone making a decent rear bumper for the KJ?
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    Do hyper-flashing signals hurt anything?

    I followed the instructions posted in this thread
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    Do hyper-flashing signals hurt anything?

    The flasher relay is built into the hazard switch and can be modified in order to prevent hyperflash with LEDs.
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    grind under acceleration

    Question is : Why would you post in a 3 year old thread that has nothing to do with what you are asking? My advice is to start your own thread