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  1. Shane Giggie

    3.7 fuel mileage

    Hello there, just wondering what everyone is getting for mileage out of a tank of fuel in there KJ and KK's.
  2. Shane Giggie

    Jeep KK

    Hello lads looking for a little more information on the jeep kk's 4x4 system compared to the kj. I know there the same system but I was unaware the kk had a electronic system, I was just wondering how realible it is because we all know what happens to electronics! My 2006 has the floor system...
  3. Shane Giggie

    Weird noise 06 Liberty.

    Hello im new here, just wondering if anyone has a opioion on a weird noise my liberty has been doing lately. It's hard to explain but the best way I can explain it is if im driving along at a certain speed it could be 60 or 100km(Canada) at a steady speed I can hear a whistle or a high pitch...

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