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  1. Watty

    Diesel engines: Free-wheel downhill or leave in high gear?

    Calling all the diesel-fundi's........... Does a diesel engine still use fuel when you on a long downhill in 5th gear? or should I just free-wheel in neutral? bin told that the engine in neutral will use more fuel than running against compression in high gear.......... Huh? true, or false?
  2. Watty

    60 000km Service CRD 2.5 procedures?

    Thank you for the info. I was however told that the fuel filter must also be replaced. Is this item related to the boost pressure solenoid filter?
  3. Watty

    60 000km Service CRD 2.5 procedures?

    Sorry, the standards schedule
  4. Watty

    60 000km Service CRD 2.5 procedures?

    What are the specified 60 000km service tasks/procedures/replacements/checks that the stealer must, according to DM spec's, perform on a CRD 2.5 ? (Aeh)
  5. Watty

    Jeep readies new Liberty/Cherokee (Code name KK)

    Is this to be the replacement for the KJ, Liberty (USA name), Cherokee (international name) ? Jeep readies new Cherokee
  6. Watty

    Yet another new member

    Yep, enjoy Jeep KJ Country 1 \:D/
  7. Watty

    Buying a used KJ....Would you buy an 02, 03 or 04 and why?

    One very important plus factor with '03 onwards models is the fact of disc brakes all round
  8. Watty

    The real deal and the wannabee

    They once did an experiment to determine how air tight an LR seals with relation to a Pajero and Jeep, so they locked a cat in each over a weekend. End of the weekend when they opened the doors of the vehicles the cat in the Jeep was dead - suffocated, the one in the Pajero was dizzy but...
  9. Watty

    HOW TO: Build Sturdy Roof Rails For Under $40

    I did a similar fitment. Only instead of using 4x2 wood beams, I used discarded aluminium 'u' shaped strips that were used for vertical blinds.
  10. Watty

    The real deal and the wannabee

    My ride putting a LR to shame on a recent 4x4 outing \:D/
  11. Watty

    MOPAR Light Bar

    Here in South Africa high beam and the fog lights can also be used together. Nice job!
  12. Watty

    Benefits of Low Sulphur Diesel

    Here is the view from a local science magazine: Sulphur in diesel contributes towards the formation of the acid rain causing and lung-damaging pollutant, sulphur dioxide. It is also directly related to the amount of soot formation in a diesel engine and hence also the amount of particulates...
  13. Watty

    Benefits of Low Sulphur Diesel

    Here in South Africa the sulphur content of diesel has been set via legislation in Jan 2006 to either 0.05% or 0.005% (the 50 ppm is locally known as ULS diesel - ultra low sulphur). Previously sulphur levels could not be more than 0.3%. Apart from the obvious environmental issues and less...
  14. Watty

    Tow Ropes

    The following link will give you a very good and valuable overview of towing and using ****** straps: ****** techniques Hope the info is of use
  15. Watty


    Excellent choice !
  16. Watty

    Jeep liberty 2001 2.5 CRD

    My left door mirror did give some problems by not wanting to fold outwards, but I sorted it out with Q20 spray (water displacer). Was most likely some electrical thing. No more hassles since.
  17. Watty

    Question about brakes/ABS

    ABS brakes carry out cadence braking at a much faster and more effective rate than any human can - dozens of times per second. They also enjoy the benefit of working only on the wheel that is losing traction, while driver-induced cadence braking affects even the wheels that are still turning...
  18. Watty

    Jeep engineer + diesel engine = *****

    The CRD engine used in the KJ is supplied to DC by VM Motori, an Italian company dating back to 1947. In 1995 it was acquired by Detriot Diesel and some of its production was shifted to the USA. In 2000 VM Motori, together with Detroit Diesel Corporation, became part of the DaimlerChrysler...
  19. Watty

    Considering KJ purchase, seeking feedback on certain things

    Pity about not being able to obtain a manual CRD. I own a manual CRD with the 5-speed box though and will never go to auto (in my experience off-road driving is best undertaken where you have control over the rev's, gear to be in, etc.).
  20. Watty

    Google Liberty Map

    I am on the map. =; How about a quick link to the Jeep KJ Country map on the Jeep KJ Country Home page?