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    A/C Resistor trouble

    The upgrade blower motor resistor was bwd ru1040 , the original bmrs didn't have enough heat sinking and had inadequate potting, which was the root of the bmrs burning out which usually happened during winter months when users wanted heat but had already gotten the cabin comfortable and were...
  2. J

    8.25 axle differential basket compatibility

    52114574AA is the metric threaded 8.25 with 29 spline axles, the previous open differential , was SAE threaded, The ring gear itself, doesn't care which you use, just make sure, to use the correct bolts, SAE for SAE threaded carrier, and Metric for Metric threaded carriers the metric one is...
  3. J

    Input on Possible Purchase of a 2002

    The missing lug may have been a removed lock that had no key, I'd just talk them out of a new mcgard set of nuts that don't have the dinky stamped shrouds
  4. J

    02 Liberty Sport 3.7 V5 upper rear control arm

    Good job on the install, yeah any of the non isolated rucas will increase rolling noise, you get used to it though, assuming your hearing is good enough to really notice it, I just hear the ringing mostly, but that's there whether im in the vehicle or not lol
  5. J

    Steering yoke adjusment

    That sort of thing on the kjs is almost always the rack and pinion bushings , have seen them bad enough that you could push the rack up on its bolts like 3"
  6. J

    Just now getting in to Jeep liberty

    ^^ yeah finding ome springs via Google shopping is pretty expedient, add a 2 to the coil part number , such as 2927 the 2 just denotes there's 2 , same for the rear, 2948 , there are other coil options from ome but in general there's 2 in common use for the front and typically most find 2948...
  7. J

    Weird engine behavior rain related?

    Re the vibration, a vehicle that's sat alot will often freeze up it's caliper slider pins. One of the caliper pins on the kj has a rubber bushing, at the least effort clean them out make sure they move freely and that only silicone grease is on them, worst case, azone sells replacement pins and...
  8. J

    Just now getting in to Jeep liberty

    The front limitation /pre problems/ is very straight forward and simple, the ifs will tolerate about 1.25" of added geometry before you start getting cascading issues like the uca hitting the springs etc. 1.25" of added geometry is enough for 2.5" of lift. Realistically, it needs to be lower...
  9. J

    Another old member back !

    Welcome back ! Have you had an engine light with your new one yet? :P
  10. J

    Transmission HELP!

    the 45RFE's limp mode is Rev + 2nd & 3rd , unlike the 42RLE which is rev + 2nd since you say it's not shifting - it doesn't sound like it's in limp mode, and i have seen 45RFE's lose gears due to bent valve body cover plates and not generate any live codes sonnax / transgo have accumulator...
  11. J

    If I only want 1.5" lift...

    926/947 should be just about perfect for what you want
  12. J

    Am I too short for a Liberty without pedal extenders?

    one of my ex's was 4'9 and had no issues so you should be alright
  13. J

    Hood idea

    ive got a set of jaguar hood louvers ive re contoured to eventually inset into the curvature on either side of the hood i just havent had time to get around to doing it and ive had repainting the jeep in the forefront of my mind so was around-about planning to do them at the same time, seen...
  14. J

    Ripped CV boot

    ive torn up a couple boots here and there, aside from the time and effort it takes to remove the cv its a quick fix to put on new boots , if the boots are still good on cvs whenever you put on new ones, salvage the boots off of them before you deliver them as cores and youll always have...
  15. J

    Multiple misfire at higher rpms

    vacuum leak or throttle position sensor
  16. J

    The Dreaded P0301 / Code 1153

    if it flipped a rocker arm, unless the rocker arms damaged you can get the lash adjusters at autozone for about 10 bucks, replace the lash adjuster and pop the rocker arm back in with a flat head ***** driver. somewhat common problem with the 4.7/3.7s. you can get (or make) rocker keepers as...
  17. J

    My ***** are rusting away.:help:

    can get replacement strut studs from any of the typical parts stores in the HELP! section just cut off the original studs, drill them out of the bracket and bolt in the new studs.
  18. J

    3.7 missing

    trace that coils wire towards the ECM, it's probably grounding on something
  19. J

    Losing coolant (KJ,liberty)

    and make sure you have a clean microfiber rag or something of the sorts in case the window fogs up while youre driving as the defroster without heat flow may not have the desired effect.. and maybe a jacket and a blanket for an emergency as the heater wont work either but it wont leak :\
  20. J

    Losing coolant (KJ,liberty)

    yeah, that steam is not cool in the mean time, to avoid the heater core leaking, see if you can find someone (if you dont feel comfortable doing it) to loop your heater core hoses. basically unhook both of them at the firewall and put a piece of pipe fitting , like a garden hose splicer...

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