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  1. Homeward_Bound

    Transmission Issues

    Limp mode and black oil. How ******* am I? I already overheated the transmission once 2.5 years ago and had the oil changed soon after. Now I have a P1745 and stuck in limp mode waiting for a time that I can get it to a transmission shop.
  2. Homeward_Bound

    Pandemic Series - Engine Swap

    Shorter post than the axle swap, but still a bit of information to be processed. It’s been stated several times that the 4.7 is the 3.7 with an extra pair of cylinders. And that it uses the same motor mount location. So it should be a straightforward swap right? Get a 4.7 from a 2012 Ram...
  3. Homeward_Bound

    Pandemic Series - Solid Axle Swap

    Ok, hear me out. I've gone back to beat on the dead horse that is solid swapping the front of the KK. Why might you ask? I had nothing better to do during this pandemic. The biggest hurdle specifically for the KK that I have read about over and over on the forums has been how to make the...
  4. Homeward_Bound

    7-Pin Trailer Tow Wiring - park lamp

    Could ayone with the MOPAR 7-pin accessory kit take a look at your color codes on the wires to the 7-pin and possible meter read on your pins? This is specifically for the accessory kit post delivery, not factory installed. Wiring diagrams are different and the accessory kit is not included in...
  5. Homeward_Bound

    NVG241OR guts in an MP1522 case

    As the title suggests, would it be possible to put the guts of a JKR Rock Trac transfer case into the KK's MP1522 case? Having a hard time trying to find info on the internals for both to see what common parts they share.
  6. Homeward_Bound

    Driver Side Running Lights not Illuminating

    As the title states, the driver side park lamp circuit is not energizing. This all started after I reinstalled the everything from the radiator change. So far I have swapped the Driver and Passenger fuses, bulbs, and sockets and all work on the passenger side to rule those out. When I have...
  7. Homeward_Bound

    Power steering pump options

    As the title suggests, would there be any pros in changing the Liberty 3.7 power steering pump with one from a heavier vehicle like the RAM 1500 with the 3.7? Got this idea from XJ guys using WJ steering pumps.
  8. Homeward_Bound

    Bad radiator?

    By the looks of it, I think my radiator has gone bad. But the staining is in front on the ac condenser so I am not fully sure. Either way I am missing coolant from my reservoir and radiator. Coming up on 90k miles, I going with that the radiator is leaking, or at least weeping, and ordered a...
  9. Homeward_Bound

    Exhaust Modifications

    After some recent wheeling adventures, the idea of solid swapping the front end has come back to the drawing board for me. Yes it would be easier to pick up an older XJ or TJ, but where is the fun in that? For now it is still all theory. However, if I can have it all figured out beforehand, it...
  10. Homeward_Bound

    LOST transplant from New York

    Was a user over on LOST, tried to get back into Jeep Forum, then stumbled upon here. Looks a lot more active and less spammy than what LOST has unfortunately turned into. 12KK geared to 4.56 on 32" tires. ATH roof rack, rear bumper, front recovery, and factory skids. Custom headlights.

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