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  1. ptsb5a

    HOW TO: Driver's side axle seal replacement

    Dude, it was 2010, all I had were crayons. Geez.
  2. ptsb5a

    Upper Control Arm Options

    Once upon a time when I had a KJ I put stuff from RRO on it. You know, springs, shocks, UCAs. Their products are less than stellar examples of what can be purchased for your Liberty. The springs sagged some fierce and the bushings in the UCAs fell apart. Then I found this forum, did my due...
  3. ptsb5a

    How tough is a KJ?

    Perhaps they're doing it right!
  4. ptsb5a

    Help! Check that thread out Jake.
  5. ptsb5a

    05 Renegade

    Wow. Been a long time since I've posted anything here. Here's what I replaced the KJ with. It's 4wd. Don't hate. There's still a Jeep in my future.
  6. ptsb5a

    Hub replacement

    Check my invoice there partner. Cold Lake, Alberta, CANADA. Go to your dealer, unless of course you have ABS, price might be a way bit steeper. To Luke and Jayme, yeah, been living debt free, driving a Jellybean (TBJ would be proud) and spending too much time outdoors. Saving to buy a...
  7. ptsb5a

    Feeler - 2007 Skid Plates

    Hey HJ, if you're willing to make the drive you can have ALL of mine for $150. :smokin:
  8. ptsb5a


    Thanks for posting your phone number Ry. Crank calls will be coming shortly!! So, um, you ordered a t-shirt and got ALL the stuff? Cool.
  9. ptsb5a

    Help...changing front differential seal

    Speedy sleeve on the pinion yoke? Did the old seal wear a groove into the seal mating surface?
  10. ptsb5a

    Just spent $600 on the KJ

    Any money says he's towing the LR.:smokin:
  11. ptsb5a

    CV questions. Symptoms = diagnosis

    A new axle seal? If you've already got it apart why not?
  12. ptsb5a

    Stupid Question - Manual Hubs

    Might be just an excerpt from the longest sentence ever. Note that the author neglected the capital W at the comencement of and a full stop at the end of this thought.
  13. ptsb5a

    winch mounted on stock bumper

    I think this one takes the cake for thread resurrection.
  14. ptsb5a

    Low Fuel Light

    Ken, when the low fuel light is on, there's enough left to get you to a gas station. Like Tim said, fuel is used to cool the fuel pump, less fuel = less ability to disperse heat = premature pump wear and possible failure. Think gas is expensive? Try a fuel pump replacement!
  15. ptsb5a

    My Renegade

    Put your dirty clothes in the hamper Matt.
  16. ptsb5a

    In Regards to "It Now Drives Like a Sports Truck"

    The OME790s I've got up front and the slightly wider track due to the wheels makes it FEEL like it handles better. It's still a 2 ton brick on wheels. I've got 147000 on mine and it's been lifted for the last 141000 in one form or another.
  17. ptsb5a

    Ontario Jeep -For the Birds !

    ^^That was awesome.^^
  18. ptsb5a

    anyone replace a front wheel bearing yet?

    Check for a step by step right here... 36mm isn't so special, the wee e-torx sockets are harder to come by.
  19. ptsb5a

    $2000 well spent

    If I had to start over again, this is where I'd begin. Like others have said, skids, lift, rubber and abuse in spades.
  20. ptsb5a

    anyone replace a front wheel bearing yet?

    You may be able to distinguish a rotten hub assembly like that. Keep in mind though, the bearing is only carrying the weight of the wheel when it's hanging in the air and not bearing (that's a nice pun right there) the weight of the vehicle like when it's on the ground. Good luck bud.