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    my $h1t box

    I had the same spacer lift for about 5 months until I could watch my front end sag more ad more throughout the day.. bought ome/rancho front end setup and never looked back. Best option yet. I also had KK clevis and upper strut spacers which gave me close to 4" of lift. Just barely missing axle...
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    SnmittyBuilt GEAR seat covers + TJ swing gate cover

    Lemme check with my shipping connect see what I can do. Would you be interested?
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    SnmittyBuilt GEAR seat covers + TJ swing gate cover

    Whats up everyone, I haven't been on here in a while because I sold my jeep. working on getting another one to build. But for now I'll clean out the garage a little. I have two black smittybuilt GEAR covers both in perfect condition. No rips, tears, or anything. All original bags/pouches that...
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    jeeps leaking antifeeze?

    holy smokes!! I had a cracked rad and kept fixing it with quick steel until it got too bad bought a new rad for $184 at autozone, installed it in the parking lot of my University.
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    Window Vent Visor Recommendations

    OEMs are like $90. I think AVS are much cheaper. Around $40 or so.
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    HOW to drive liberty 2WD in sand or mud

    Not always the best idea. Here is my first offroad adventure with a local jeep club:
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    HOW to drive liberty 2WD in sand or mud

    Well begin by thinking of your kj as a JEEP instead of a CAR. Then when in sand keep your momentum no sharp accelerations no heavy brake. keeping steady and moving is the best way to stay afloat (on top of the sand..)
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    New here, rolled 02 it fixable?

    I'm sticking with troy on this one :icon_lol:
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    Pre-lowered explaination

    They don't make the "prelowered" springs anymore. If you order springs for an 02 they will send you the same as all the other years.. prelowered really has no meaning now since 8 year old springs are well sagged to lower than the newer years. And stay away from spacer lifts! Get OME springs and...
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    Masterkit lift???

    Spacers!!! Blaaa
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    help!! tire size question on 2.5 inch lifted liberty

    I Bought an 02 prelowered kj.. thought i could lift it cheap and get some big tires (265/75R16 Maxxis bighorns).. all was well for all of about a month or two.. then it started to rub then rub some more and more and more.. then I listened to everyone and ditched the spacers for OME/Rancho...
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    762's - the "Alternative"

    Same exact tires I have :icon_lol: Had em for about 16k they still have some decent life in em.
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    WTB: 02 and newer round style stock cd player

    If you never bought his I have one I'd be willing to part with.. PM me if your interested.
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    HOW TO: Install a Warn 9500 XP in an OEM bumper (cUstom mount)

    one question... HOW MUCH??
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    Can somebody please post a pic of where the evaporative canister is?

    Had the same code. Hose on the EVAP had dried out and cracked. Replaced it for a buck or two at most.
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    So wats ya gettin' for your KJ for Xmas???

    Might have to coax her into some higher MPGs with a fresh exhaust and plugs.
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    nu-bee posting 'ok, now what?'

    x2 he's done some pretty sweet stuff. You can also push a lift higher than us 4x4s since you have no CVs to worry about. (as LTT has done)
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    Super 44 ...exhaust

    Thinking about redoing my exhaust as well.. I have a Thrush turbo on it now and have grown to hate it. I like the way it sounds idling but going 70 on the highway is hell. Thinking about Magnaflow or Flowmasters. Or should I save up and get MBRP? Cost is obviously a big decider between the...