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  1. colorado76

    New Member from Canada

  2. colorado76

    Jims rad new Jeep

  3. colorado76

    Changing the look of the beast

    I vote to keep it Orange also it just looks good the way it is.
  4. colorado76

    Greetings from TX

  5. colorado76

    New to this forum and new to jeeps

    (welcome) Lots of information on this forum. :drink_nl:
  6. colorado76

    Loose gas cap

    If the cap was not the fix. Then start with the purge solenoid. But when I had this issue. It was the EVAP leak detection pump. Hope that this information helps you out.:happy160:
  7. colorado76

    Anyone recognize this KJ?!

    I remember seeing the SAS Liberty (AKA SFA ) in person in Motor City in Colorado Springs. This one I have only seen it online a few times. I'm sure we all would like Tom to spill the beans and bacon on this one. Please Tom (bowdown)
  8. colorado76

    Another Weep Jeep!

    My power steering line has always weeped, never had to add much fluid to it. Gets worst when it's cold outside really notice it on the ground. But summer never really notice the weeping on the ground it's always on the line.
  9. colorado76

    I HATE the Liberty!

    All that Bacon would make some Bacon Cheese Burgers, and BLT's with lots of cold Beer. Hell I would share with Mrs. Palin too. And to Horse_Feathers get tarred and feathered because your threadjacked.gif now becomes Bacon.
  10. colorado76

    Anybody Running 15 inch Aluminum Wheels?

    I run a set of soft eights steel in 15's with 31x10.5 - 15's with no issues. And I use powerstop brakes and rotors with no issues. I did have to pound the pinch welds and trim the front bumper to make them fit, but gas milage and power suffers.
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    So true, but still I hate as*holes that mess with my stuff that I worked hard for. Just makes you want to :lazer: that as*hole.
  12. colorado76

    Veterans Day! (Profanity included)

    Thank you all for your service that keeps our country safe. :cheers:(flagusa)
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    New Member from Arizonia

  14. colorado76

    Site hacked?

    So glad that our site is up and working. No more 1800 and dateing site sh(censored)t.
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    2003 Jeep liberty Cactus green

    (welcome) I digg the color and the sticker, nice KJ. :big_banana_Dance:
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    Hi from Argentina

    (welcome) Marcelo
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    Diesel Be My First Post...

  18. colorado76

    New to Jeep

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    New Member Checkin In

    (yeahthat) Welcome and enjoy your Jeep. :happy160:
  20. colorado76

    First jeep!