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    03 Liberty worth saving?

    At the moment, fuel prices would make me park it in favor of commuting by motorcycle or find some fuel efficient economy car. The Liberty is pretty thirsty for gas.
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    Water pump 06 liberty

    Not exactly related to your question, but I noticed in your pictures that your pump impeller appears to be nylon. Did you replace the pump because it was leaking, or did you have overheating problems also? Reason I ask is that my 2002 had a random overheating issue once, and the problem turned...
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    O2 sensor replacement gives better gas mileage

    My driving is mixed backroads and city driving average 45-55 mph with very little interstate, for which Im getting 19.6 mpg now. I’m getting 21 MPG on the interstate @ 70 mph, but wind and traffic affect It a lot. Have not had a chance to burn a tank of fuel at highway speed yet, so I can only...
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    2006 Liberty Sport 3.7 EVAP system nightmare. Seeking info, suggestions, help.

    These days, I can’t see escaping smoke from a small leak using a smoke machine So I just use pressurized air instead. Use a pressure regulator on your air line set to about 10 to 15 psi and you can hear the tiniest of leaks. I found a small leak on the gas tank to charcoal canister hose on a...
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    Transmission cooler line replacement. How to line routing?

    I Replaced the lines in my 2005 and you have to pull the radiator to get them both in. Others have said you can do it without a radiator pull, but I couldn’t. yes it’s a pain in the butt draining the coolant but well worth it to save the frustration
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    Airbag Light After Car Wash

    Good advice. The air bag warning is intermittent, so wiring connections could very well be the issue
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    O2 sensor replacement gives better gas mileage

    My old sensors just declined gradually, so I really never noticed the drop in fuel mileage. The new sensors made an immediate difference, and with gas topping $4/ gallon these days, it would be cost justified. I bought a set of NTK sensors off of eBay for around $64. Look just like OEM sensors.
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    O2 sensor replacement gives better gas mileage

    Just replaced my upstream O2 sensors, due to poor fuel mileage from rebuilt engine. No check engine codes, just wanted to see if mileage would improve. On the old O2 sensors, I averaged 16.7 MPG per tank of fuel. I’m now averaging 19.6 MPG per tank with the new sensors. I drive the same...
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    Airbag Light After Car Wash

    What was the airbag control module recall you speak of ? I too have a 2002 liberty and my airbag light comes on intermittently. I can’t figure out what causes it
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    It cranks fine ,wont stay running

    Duralast MAP Sensor SU3239. This one is made in USA. OEM one isn’t available at my dealership
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    It cranks fine ,wont stay running

    Having just gone through this starts but dies problem on my 2002, My problem turned out to be a faulty MAP sensor. I initially ruled it out because it was brand new, along with all other sensors, the MAP sensor was China made from Amazon and after checking everything else, like it sounds like...
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    2002 Limited 3.7L Engine Repair/Replace Advice

    I just replaced the engine in my 2002 Liberty Limited 4WD. Lessons learned: Dealers won’t be much help to you these days, as Chrysler no longer makes many of the parts, and the ones that are available are 20+ days lead time, so internet retailers will be the way to go. Don’t buy any part made...
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    O2 Oxygen sensor removal bank 1 sensor 1

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a try but if it doesn’t work I’ll remove the battery box. It looks like that will let me get a few more fingers on it or perhaps I’ll just cut the wires and pull it out from under the exhaust manifold so I can have better access. The new sensors have longer...
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    O2 Oxygen sensor removal bank 1 sensor 1

    Anybody replaced the driver side upstream O2 sensor on a 2002 Liberty Limited 4WD with 3.7 V6? Can’t figure anyway to get my hands on the plug to disconnect it from the harness. I can just touch it with my fingers if I go in from either the bottom, next to the catalyst or from the top by the...
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    HELP PLEASE!! random stall & idle issue

    A warning about $20 MAP sensors. I just installed a rebuilt engine in my 2002 Liberty 3.7; when I did so, I also replaced the MAP sensor with a China made unit from Amazon, because my old one was damaged. Engine ran fine for a week, then it started stalling and loosing power randomly. Wasted...
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    replacement engines - what to look for

    I ended up buying a rebuilt longblock for $2k from a shop in Florida. Cost was around $2K and included all gaskets and seals plus a 1 year warranty. That’s probably not worth the paper it’s written on, but at least the motor looks to be built properly. Not Jasper quality, but cost is much...
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    Transmission and transfer case

    I just did it on my 2005. If you don’t have a lift, a harbor freight motorcycle lift makes the job a lot easier. Get all 4 wheels about 8 inches off the ground to give you room to work and the job takes about 4 hours. Getting the top transmission to engine bolts out is tough due to the...
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    Transfer case Rebuild

    I changed the transfer case oil in my 2005 recently and it had a noticeable silver colored tint to the usual deep red color of ATF+4. No issues that I can tell, but when you mentioned worn aluminum guides on yours, I’m wondering what could happen when those guides were worn out. Could a chain...
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    replacement engines - what to look for

    Pretty much what I found also in the resale market. I guess the short answer is you can’t flip a car like this expecting to make money. You either want it to drive yourself or for parts. They’re dang good little go anywhere cars, though. I’m now leaning towards a local junk yard motor for...