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  1. boboborino

    Liberty Down

    Is this a member here? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> The comments... just bring the hate, kuz we know you're...
  2. boboborino

    Who Has The Oldest Liberty Here?

    Well i still miss my KJ, it also had an early build date (late '01). I often think about getting another, but unfortunately, there are a lot of "Anothers" on my wish list. Another motor cycle Another garage/shop Another over seas vacation ( this is actually planned for June, but may have to...
  3. boboborino

    just an old crazy man with a Jeep.

    Exactly!I for one strive for GOOD WORKMANSHIP, therefore I do my best not to have any creases in my duct tape applications. Pre-edit edit---Just re-iterating your point which I missed originally, but caught as I was replying. Bert
  4. boboborino

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    I didn't have time to read the whole thing, but the first thing I searched was fluid fim vs WD40. Interesting. Bert
  5. boboborino

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Now I'm intrigued. Gonna give this a try. We need Fluid Film sponsorship! Bert
  6. boboborino

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    This is JK discrimination and stereotyping! Although I agree that I hate what the JK community has become, I can assure you that I have no angry grill, no LED lightbars,no nonsensical stickers (no stickers visible, just a couple in the engine bay) all five of my 35's match, and the battle...
  7. boboborino

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    It's just trying to tell you that it's a jeep, and that it loves you. That's how jeeps tell their owner's they love them! Mine is infatuated with me, I tell ya! It seems also that our jeeps are connected through the waves (Radio?, Micro?, who knows) As I am also battling an evap leak, AND, I...
  8. boboborino

    Snow in July :D

    I never really understood the "Cheap" comment about the Gold Class, nevertheless it's also commented on in this vid and associated comments, which pretty much sums it up. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope...
  9. boboborino

    Snow in July :D

    Anybody else using different soap they like? I am currently using Mr.Pink, and I must say, I think I liked the McGuires more. My cannon is holding up nice, and still like and use it quite a bit. I see another thread has been started...
  10. boboborino

    New Forum software for Jeep KJ

    Well at least the spammers are enjoying this new platform!(Insert sarcastic emoticon here, because I can't, nor can i still change font, size, color, etc. etc. etc. etc.) Bert
  11. boboborino

    GASCAP Alert

    Gee I had no Idea that it would---------and I quote; "Bing! Bing-bing!! Bingety-bing-bing-bing!!" I based my answer on my jk's gascap light being on, which never , and I quote once again ".Bing! Bing-bing!! Bingety-bing-bing-bing!!" And yes it usually is associated with a p0455 or a p0456...
  12. boboborino

    GASCAP Alert

    There is no danger driving the way it is, providing it is just the seal on the cap. Did you reset the dumbputer, as in disconnect the battery. It may have been loose, but would take a few cycles to clear. Bert
  13. boboborino

    Happy Canada Day!!

    SOOO by activities, do you mean not having to go to work, and enjoying the hot summer day off by drinking the day away? If so, ya I am enjoying the hell out of it! Bert
  14. boboborino

    Are wheel adapters safe?

    I've ran Spidertrax spacers, and they are ALMOST as good, and are a completely acceptable alternative to correct width/ backspaced wheels, providing you follow all the proper install and maintenance of the spacers and as described in this thread. Bert
  15. boboborino

    Off roading tips

    Best advice I can give is get out and find a local club. Join in on a run that is "new wheeler" friendly, watch, ask questions and LEARN! Only do what you are comfortable with doing. Like everything in life, you will need to practice, and the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become...
  16. boboborino

    What keeps killing UBJs

    I have to say yes on the moogs being shitty. I've been battling with my ball joints for years on my JK, Switched them up to a higher end rebuildable Dynatracs and so far so good, not quite a year now, so time will tell. (insert shrug emoticon here, cause I can't) Bert
  17. boboborino

    Fifth Jeep. First Liberty

    It should be in there. You can never completely turn them off 100%, but does offer you a little more control over the vehicle. Bert
  18. boboborino

    Fifth Jeep. First Liberty

    Agreed, but also probably one of the reasons my daughter rolled our '02. Not making excuses for her, I still believe she was going just a tad too fast for the conditions, however I will never know. such is life. It was a slow, 180* roll, just as the vehicle was coming to a stop in deep snow in...
  19. boboborino

    Canadian Tire Sale Thread !

    :signs75: Do I really need more screwdrivers? Well I guess for $20 I can use another set! Thanks for posting, I guess! :icon_razz: Bert
  20. boboborino

    want to fit bigger tires than my 245/75R16

    Wow, are you ever sensitive! Are you crying? Bert