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    so many noises!

    Hi All, I was out wheeling yesterday, got under the front end at one point and found that my brand new JBA extended sway bar link (Drivers side) had popped right off the bushing. I'd never seen anything like that before. Thought it was odd so i just took the thing off, passenger side too. I've...
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    dash vents

    does any1 know if the nice wrangler dash vents can replace the libertys?
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    How do I make my jeep look like this?

    What kind of suspenion upgrades and body modifications would be necessary to make my liberty look like this? The entire front end and suspension have been reworked, allowing the Liberty to fit 35" M/T tires. Total lift is about 5", with a Jeepin' by Al 2" K Member Cradle Drop, new front...
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    Install AC Compressor Clutch?

    HI all, hoping someone might be able to help me out here. My AC Clutch had the bearings come out and grinded up so I took it out and bought a new one. Taking off, no problem. If you look at the picture below it will help explain where I'm stuck. #9 is my first problem, I cannot get the...
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    Steering Rack

    Hey Guys, so i was recently getting an oil change and the guy @ the shop told me i need a power steering flush, said the fluid is dirty. Since he said that I've been able to notice a bit of a noise coming from the wheels, a rotational noise. Nothing crazy, just sounds and feels like I have some...
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    Welding question

    Not necessarily Jeep related, but I wanted to start messing around and learning how to Mig weld, so im getting things together and realized i dont have a metal welding table, or much room for one. I have a plastic table like this one...
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    Hood ram air or louvers?

    What are the differences between having ram air vents that force air into the hood while driving, or louvers that vent hot air, what is more functional to reduce engine temperatures?
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    FREE Tow Hooks

    Hey all, since I have the ARB bumper now I have no use for these perfectly fine tow hooks. The plates were given to me for free by Porkchop & I had them welded to the receivers. I thought I might as well pay it forward and give them away too. If you would like them, all you need to do is...
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    Any1 Selling Steel Roof Rails?

    looking to get a set, don't really want to go through RRO...lead time is too long but the price is ok...cant seem to find rocklizards website anymore...although his are super expensive anyway. Anybody want to get rid of their please let me know Thank you!
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    Transfer Case Position Sensor Question

    I was just wondering if the transfer case position sensor being faulty would effect the transmission at all?
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    I broke my radiator - can it be fixed?

    I replaced my hoses and think I screwed the clamps down too much, because I broke the plastic coupler part the hose goes over. I noticed because after replacement, there's green fluid around the hose area. Can this be fixed at all?
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    AC Compressor & Clutch

    I was wondering if this is how the AC Compressor normally functions; reason I ask is because I have no heat anymore, and I never noticed this spinning on and off before.
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    ARB Bumper Install

    Finally got my bumper! Thought i'd post the install instructions from ARB since i couldn't find them anywhere. PDF Instructions;
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    ARB Bumper weight

    Would I be alright adding an ARB Bumper + Winch, without losing any lift height? I've been saving up for one, just about ready to buy and want to make sure it will be all good..
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    Shifting problem & engine codes

    I've been having a shifting problem for the last couple of months & have not looked into it seriously because it comes and goes randomly. Before today, I haven't seen the codes come up or had trouble shifting for about 2 months. Step By step of how this happens; 1: Going up hill (most of...
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    Air Compressors

    Would this work to inflate tires? VIAIR Corporation - Quarter Duty Onboard Air System (P/N 10002) Thought it would but came across a few videos saying not ideal for tires... Thanks,
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    WANTED - Used Winch Bumper

    As the title says, anybody have something send me a pm pls.
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    Hypertech Programmer... how to?

    Hello, I'm looking at possibly getting a Hypertech to help with my horrible shift points, laggy tranny, and just overall poor power. Does anybody know how these things work? I've never used a programmer before. Do you just plug it in and click program or something, or do you have to go...
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    Smittybilt I-Rack

    Does anybody know if the Smittybilt I-Rack mount will fit through the stock 17" Chrome Clad wheel? I want to get this mount for my Hi-lift & can, but it says will only fit through 2.5" + Center bore I-Rack - Smittybilt Intelligent Rack Mounting System (I Rack) - SB-2740
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    Wheel Spacer Question

    I was just wondering, why when people buy spacers, spidertrax in specific, everyone goes with the 1.25" and not the 1.5"? Im looking at getting some in the 1.5" size, but thought id ask about it first. Ive read alot about creating more rubbing problems using them, but i think i will be fine...