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  1. sleepyjim

    trans cooler

    Anyone got a link for the trans pan? I didnt see any for the liberty on their site....
  2. sleepyjim

    Any Kj's; Vegas, Laughlin, Kingman Areas -FREE Brush Guard !

    I have a brush guard (bully Bar) for free, no hardware but hey the price is right.... I am in Bullhead City. Jim
  3. sleepyjim

    04 3.7 Loosing Coolant

    Update! First thank you all and as you all said it has to go someplace....Well enough lost coolant and a corrosion looking build up started ever so slightly where the top hose connects to engine, Had system pressurized and they said (i think the pounds are right but I might have jacked them up)...
  4. sleepyjim

    04 3.7 Loosing Coolant

    Baffle in filler tube? It has a half cover or something, is that what ya mean? Jim
  5. sleepyjim

    04 3.7 Loosing Coolant

    No wet spots inside or out on the ground. Let it run for 30 mins in driveway and can not see any mist or spray. Oil perfect. Drives and sounds and all as normal. Temp gauge good (Unless coolant low). Top off coolant tank and couple days later coolant is low, tank empty. SO am...
  6. sleepyjim

    Wheel Questions

    IF I read correctly a stock 04 wheel is 16", 5.5" of back space and 7" wide.....So if you wanted more clearance for a tire hitting the UCA you would look for those spacers/adapters or more backspaced wheels correct? Example if stock backspace is 5.5" and say you need 1.5" more clearance, you...
  7. sleepyjim

    Rear facing spot lights

    Thanks guys, I got lights, looking more for mount options in the rear... Jim
  8. sleepyjim

    Rear facing spot lights

    Looking for mounting ideas, thought for sure someone here has done them and posted about it but search came up zero.... Thinking maybe on the window hinges? Jim
  9. sleepyjim

    Roof Rack Grounded Question

    I am mounting an antenna (GRMS) on the rack and I got to looking and the rack is attached to fence poles made into crossbars so those two are connected ground wise but the crossbars are clamped to the stock side rails and they are plastic coated, BAM not ground connected....... So my question...
  10. sleepyjim

    Cheap Hood Vents!

    Well they say that all the time no matter what your idea is..... LOL Jim
  11. sleepyjim

    Spartan Locker

    Got Spartan in rear and love it! Jim
  12. sleepyjim

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Firestone 149.99 lifetime! Jim
  13. sleepyjim

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Great tires! Jim
  14. sleepyjim

    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Installed new cooling system, all of it! and new UCA by JBA! Jim
  15. sleepyjim

    Weird Overheating.....Sometimes

    Ok all done, replaced radiator with free lifetime one, changed all hoses, clamps and thermostat. Hit the mtn that caused all the greif and my needle is at the regular place it has been for 10 years or so, just below half. Woo Hoo! Still gonna do HD cooling......If I can get the parts. Jim
  16. sleepyjim

    42in light bar

    Good job and if you enjoy them great, others may not, up to them. Thanks for sharing and showing how you mounted it. Jim
  17. sleepyjim

    Weird Overheating.....Sometimes

    Ok so after the wife reminded me that I had the winch for a few weeks (3ish) and had no issues, took it to a shop who checked it and said the radiator is plugged in places, some ares very cool while others hot hot hot..... I got a lifetime rad, just gotta change it out, will do thermastat and...
  18. sleepyjim

    Weird Overheating.....Sometimes

    So winch has to go? Thats terrible.....LOL Not arguing, just po'd.... And I do believe the winch/air flow was ok till recently.....
  19. sleepyjim

    Weird Overheating.....Sometimes

    Only winch added Jim