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  1. wolverine1020

    2002 OEM Radio: $35 shipped

    #P56038588AL This is an AM/FM cassette head unit and is designed to work with the factory multi-disc CD changer in models equipped with premium sound. Unit has been sitting for 5 years but just recently installed to make sure everything works perfectly. $35 shipped USA only. Great...
  2. wolverine1020

    2008+ Jeep Liberty Floormats - $30

    2008+ Jeep Liberty Floormats - $30 - North Jersey Came across these, looks like a great deal for someone.
  3. wolverine1020

    02 Parts list

    I found this and think it will come in handy for part numbers for some of us. If anyone pays to download it please let me know.
  4. wolverine1020

    EVIC install help

    I had a friend pick one up for me at the local junkyard I believe from an 02 Grand Cherokee. Now being that it is now 11:45pm I took out my dome light and plugged in the Evic to see if it at least lights up. Well it lit up, but I think I am missing the Evic connector. Am I right? Or...
  5. wolverine1020

    OEM Foglight help

    My KJ did not come with them but I want them. The kind that goes in the bottom of the bumper. My question is: If I do find a pair, is the wiring already down there? Someone told me it's pretty much wired for all versions already. Also a 2nd question: As I do not know what they look...
  6. wolverine1020

    Do I need new wheels with this tire size change?

    Just ordered four Goodyear Tripletreds 235/70r16 to replace my 215/75r16 I had them on the ex's 02KJ and there was no rubbing, but now for my own vehicle (03KJ) I just want to be sure. Do I also need to replace the stock rims? Thanks And yes I know I forgot the spare, will be...