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    200,000 mile club

    Looks good, wish bits were easy to find here.
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    200,000 mile club

    What size wheels/tyres have you got? Looks wider than standard??
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    Difficult exhaust pipe problem- bad weld

    I would weld that without any worries. Long term its going to need to be replaced but for now cut and weld to make it work.
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    200,000 mile club

    130,000 just run in!
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    KJ rust

    Next hole... And cut out for new metal And a new bit let in, wish the whole car was 2mm, its a joy to weld compared to thin bodywork!
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    Dab + aerial android headunit

    Have you checked the aerial amplifier is working?
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Always something! Mine is still in bits on the drive, work rain and a trip to France have put it on hold, hopefully it'll be dry next week so I can finish off the sill I started last month.
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    oil leak on top of engine

    Blocked / failed PCV would be my guess
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    Ignition Switch or Cylinder Problem

    Mine is the same Bill, I can pull the key out in any position.
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    Ignition Switch or Cylinder Problem

    I haven't, but if you search on here loads of people have had trouble with the ignition switches. You probably need to replace the switch like you said.
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    My 2.8 CRD failed its test on emissions

    The 1000 series codes you have are all glow plug related, the other codes are all MAF, MAP and boost pressure. You need to get them all cleared and see what fresh codes you get, these may be mainly historic faults. Look at your other post.
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    Blanking plate for the EGR

    Depending on where you live it may cause issues with emissions checks because it will put the engine management light on. Clean or replace the MAP sensor and check the air filter is clean. Make sure the EGR isn't stuck open and take it for a good fast run before it's retest. Long-term I'd look...
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    Boiler's 3/8" shims or equivalent?

    Cheers, I'll get the uppers if they are still there when I get home.
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    Boiler's 3/8" shims or equivalent?

    The welder at work has knocked up a couple of 6mm spacers for me, probably be a job for next year to fit them.
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    CRD Boost pressure

    I'll put my gauge on it when I home & have finished welding it. I've been through the book and all I can see is the EGR solenoid?
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    CRD Boost pressure

    Mine is 2003 fixed vane 2.5
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    CRD Boost pressure

    Are you talking about the EGR valve solenoid? (My EGR has been 'sorted' so no issues there) As far as I'm aware the turbo on mine is a conventional waste gate unit. I'll go through the manual and check, I'm offshore at the moment so I can't just stick my head under the bonnet. I was just...
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    Could this be a driveshaft issue?

    Yes, it wasn't a nice job but I'm cheap!
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    CRD Boost pressure

    Anyone know what the maximum boost pressure on a 2.5 CRD is? When I get home and put mine back together I'd like to see if my turbo waste gate is still set right. I've seen 20 psi quoted for the 2.8.
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Available in Europe, see if the part numbers work for you

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