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  1. Johnny O

    Mystery noise...need troubleshooting help

    Bert has developed what I can only describe as a "cyclic ringing" noise while driving. It is a moderately pitched rotating solid on sheet metal kind of noise. I thought perhaps the stupid stamped metal brake backplates on the rear were rubbing, but they aren't. Brakes aren't dragging or down to...
  2. Johnny O


  3. Johnny O

    AT3 tires- destroyed in just over a year!

    Hey gang! While I really was happy with my Toyo AT3 tires, I absolutely destroyed them over the last year. All are down to less that 50% tread. I mean I enjoyed every second of tearing them up, but need something a little more durable. I know lots of folks run wranglers and wildpeaks. Curious...
  4. Johnny O

    The 2022 Great Desert Road Trip

    Well folks we are just about a month away from the annual solo excursion to the middle of nowhere and parts beyond. Finishing up final touches on the itinerary. Going to get at least one more short test trip (preferably 2) before the saga begins. Figured I would start the thread a little early...
  5. Johnny O

    Alignment time!

    Taking 'Bert in for alignment at a local shop that comes highly recommended by Jeep (and Taco and Furd, etc...) folks here in Omaha. They specialize in lifted vehicle alignments. These guys are pretty cool, they freely admitted they have never done a lifted Liberty ("JBA does Liberty...
  6. Johnny O

    Haystack Mountain OHV Park, Roswell, NM

    Anybody been to Haystack Mountain OHV Park located near Roswell, NM? Dunno if Ill do much off roading there, but meets my needs for a camping stop on my way through from Texas to Arizona this July. Was just curious if any of our members have experience in the area. The 2022 Great Desert Road...
  7. Johnny O

    Dumb question- “Moab” wheels

    Could someone running the “Moab” wrangler wheels post a picture please? I found what I think is a full set for a very good price but need to triple verify that are the right ones. My stock size Toyos on OE wheels are garbage in mud. I’m thinking the extra width and a set of more aggressive meat...
  8. Johnny O

    42RLE Transmission Filter

    Could someone clarify which filter is correct for the 42RLE transmission? Getting ready to install a PML pan and a Lube Locker gasket on Bert- getting mixed information when searching by vehicle Model Year and/or just the transmission type. Would prefer to NOT have to start the project ( as in...
  9. Johnny O

    WOW! Great Price!!!! N132L KJ extended travel rear shocks

    Off Road Warehouse has N132L Shocks at 115$ each right now. Lowest price in months. I paid 207$ each just a few months back.
  10. Johnny O

    Airing Down for Off Road

    Ok. You guys successfully taught me how to set tire pressure for pavement driving with the chalk method. Now I’m curious about airing down for off roading. In all the miles I’ve done in Bert off road, I’ve never done it. Heck, didn’t even really think about it. In just two weeks, Bert and I...
  11. Johnny O

    JBA UCAs half Off!

    NOT my sale...but theres a brandnew pair of JBA UCAs here for 225$
  12. Johnny O

    250A Alternator?

    Was reading through the old threads about higher output alternators. Currently I'm preparing to finish my dual AGM battery/solar system. Even without the mobile lab equipment running, the lights dim a bit when the subwoofer kicks. I just ordered a 12v Fridge/freezer as I need to be able to keep...
  13. Johnny O

    More fun with ABS…

    So, my worst fears were proven when I put in ABS sensor #7… When I pulled the old one out the face of the sensor what’s ground off. I had seen this on two other sensors I pulled out of the passenger front but chalked it up to bad quality control. Slapped the new sensor in yesterday in record...
  14. Johnny O

    Disconnect front sway bar links off road?

    What’s the consensus? Yea or Nay?
  15. Johnny O

    Suspicion- 4hi?

    Out running around today, take off from th stop sign on a hill, driverside front peels out a bit. Have had suspicion since I’ve storm a week back. (Is only a short hop back and fourth to work so didn’t notice) Shifts into neutral and 4low no problem. Fairly certain stays in four hi when shifted...
  16. Johnny O

    Honestly Blunt Review #12 Used OEM Fuel tank Skid Plate (DeadJeep)

    I am extremely happy with the OEM Fuel Tank Skid Plate I received from The price was incredibly low at 129.00 USD with free shipping. The plate itself was in far better condition than I expected. A small amount of surface rust and minor pitting at the bolt f.langes. One tiny...
  17. Johnny O

    Honestly Blunt Review #11 - TRQ steering and suspension rebuild kit

    Long story short: emergency use only! You get what you pay for. Not recommended* In depth: last summer, I was in a pinch and brand new to Libertys. Also was about to leave for a weeks long trip. Front suspension was sagged out and budget was locked in. Was able to get everything that had to be...
  18. Johnny O

    What’s the consensus on the “extended travel cv axels”?

    Wasn’t familiar with (or forgot about) the extended travel cv axels until I saw the thread on Falsebook. Started reading up on them and as seems to be the norm, lots of opinions both ways but not a lot of actual results. To my mind the idea seems sound but likely depends on application. I...
  19. Johnny O

    Trip planning- emergency spare parts-

    As I plan out my 2022 Field season excursions I am putting together a shopping list of emergency spares. One of my mottos is “Plan to Self Rescue” I have the standard stuff- tire repair, straps, nuts and bolts, bailing wire, hose patches, etc. etc. Am looking for suggestions of spare parts...
  20. Johnny O

    Honestly Blunt Review #10 - Zep Industrial Purple Degreaser

    I’ve been searching for a replacement for my beloved State 999 industrial degreaser For quite some time. Zep Industrial Purple does the trick for trigger bottle use. It is too foamy for parts washers. It functions exactly as State 999 for hand applications though. It will eat paint. It destroys...

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