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  1. Deb'nKJ

    Replacing front diff

    Pt. 1 – remove front drive shaft: OK so here’s where I’m at, unbolted, rear flange disconnected, front flanges move freely against each other – but won’t fully separate because there’s not enough room for the shaft to go back that far. Have I done something wrong? If not, what’s the answer...
  2. Deb'nKJ

    Anyway, the KJ lives to fight another day - or does it?

    So the RH axleshaft did need replacing (because it had started clicking when turning - & there was definitely play in the CVJ) but it's not cured the knocking which prompted me to do the job. Best way I can describe it is like a really bad u-joint, but only when being driven (i.e. not coasting)...
  3. Deb'nKJ

    Sick of getting notifications

    Every day, maybe 1/2-dozen e-mails that I can't stop & now don't even get the choice of choosing not to get them - not that it's ever done any good! Thought "NO e-mails" was a bit drastic, then again the alternative is to close that in-box or, at least, never look at it. Mind you it's just...
  4. Deb'nKJ

    Moment of truth

    Thought it was time to move on from my introduction, as this might well be the beginning of the end - so far as this KJ is concerned. Wouldn't normally call it quits this time on a June evening (it's not yet 6 o' clock here) but the weather's cutting up rough - & I'm getting nowhere with...
  5. Deb'nKJ

    Testing, testing, testing

    Am I in - or not? Registration's never been confirmed - because I don't get e-mails, but I see I am listed as a member. So if I see this posted, then I'll know - one way or another.

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