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    2005 KJ Bumper Patterns

    Has anyone built a front bumper for a 2005 - 2007 KJ , and made actual patterns, or prints with dimensions? Don't want to.reinvent the wheel. . .
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    KJ Winch Bumper - MOVE

    Spoke to the folks at MOVEBUMPERS.COM today... if they get more requests, they will pattern a 2005+ KJ, for steel bumper. WRITTEN REQUESTS NEEDED ... open their site.. Check " Customize your bumper" found in upper right corner of front page .. Check "Can't find your truck" Fill in...
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    Gasoline Lift Pump vs Diesel Lift Pump

    Gas. vs Diesel Lift pump Has anyone tried using a gasoline engines Lift pump + wiring harness in a Diesel CRD,? No idea what pressures either operate at.
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    RUBBER or VITON O- Rings?

    WHAT type of O- Rings do I need forv transmission lined? Will common rubber O-Rings with stand ATF4, or do I need Viton O-Rings ?

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