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  1. HoosierJeeper

    New tires! Toyo Open Country AT3

    Finally got these put on. $905 OTD for all 5, on sale. The KJ is Rolls Royce quiet now! I love these tires, had them on the Rene so it was an easy choice. Need to wash the KJ though!
  2. HoosierJeeper

    Liftglass open message

    Getting this message in the EVIC...even though the glass is closed. I took the tail gate trim panel off and poked around and didn't see anything awry. Tried some contact cleaner on the plugs for the sensor and still got the error, unplugged it and the error went away. It looks like to me the...
  3. HoosierJeeper

    Help me pick new tires!

    Trying to decide on tires for the KJ. I have Toyo Open Country AT3s on the Rene which I love and have Nitto Terra Grapplers on the LR3 which are great (have had 3 sets of those on the LR3 and 2 on the KJ). The KJ isn't a DD anymore, still gets driven often, but thinking of going something more...
  4. HoosierJeeper

    Forgive me for I have sinned.....

    .....I put RRO sliders on the renegade. I was super hesitant at first given the rep of RRO on here but it was either these or Daystar ones that required drilled 60 holes for rivets. These used existing holes and well nuts for the top part and the bottom is bolted to the pinch seam. They fit...
  5. HoosierJeeper

    Napa not selling remanned CV axles

    Need to replace my passenger side CV, called Napa and they don't sell the reman ones anymore, just new. Has anyone used the new ones recently? I know they used to be the wrong length or something. I could try another store to get a reman one, but would prefer to use my warranty on the Napa reman...
  6. HoosierJeeper

    Is this too much intermediate shaft play?

    Trying to diagnose a vibration and popping noise I'm getting.
  7. HoosierJeeper

    Bad CV axle?

    Get this grinding/pop noise when making low speed turns, left or right, seems to change based on how the suspension is compressed. At speed going straight I hear a little grumble and feel a little vibration in the gas pedal, but at this point not really noticeable unless you're looking for it...
  8. HoosierJeeper

    Pop noise from rear at full flex - LCAs?

    Noticed over the past few months I've had a pop/knock from the rear at full flex. Bit of background, this spring I replaced the trilink with a junkyard mopar one - went bad in a week. Was tired of messing with it, so let my trusted shop put in a "nice" (one with the blue boot on the ball joint)...
  9. HoosierJeeper

    Feeler - Detours USA Backbone Winch Mount

    Might be getting an ARB bumper.... would anyone be interested in the Detours backbone? Winch mount that allows you to run a winch with the stock bumper. Discontinued now I think. Thinking maybe $300 or better offer?
  10. HoosierJeeper

    Switching to an ARB from Backbone?

    Found a used ARB bumper that I might get if I can get a good deal. Right now I have the Backbone on the KJ for my winch. I don't remember doing any heavy modifications to mount that, but is there anything I would've done to the KJ then that would make the ARB harder to mount? And, while I have...
  11. HoosierJeeper

    Got new tires on the Renegade!!!

    Decided to get rid of the wimpy Toyo Open Country AT3s up a size from stock!
  12. HoosierJeeper

    Bilstein 5100s vs. 4600s up front

    Anyone think the 5100s are worth the upgrade over the 4600s?
  13. HoosierJeeper

    Took the Rene off roading...

    Finally got it off road! Only mods were a Valkyrie rear diff skid plate - and that sure took a beating! I went with a lifted Nissan Frontier and a lifted 4 door JK. I went everywhere they went - these are great off road! I have been to this park several times with my lifted Liberty, and this...
  14. HoosierJeeper

    Transmission flush or pan drop?

    I have about 60k on my transmission since the rebuild. I'm getting conflicting information - would it better to do a pan drop or take it do the dealer to do a flush. Thanks!
  15. HoosierJeeper

    Blown Bilstein front shock

    Another blown Bilstein...probably my 4th one but first front one. Has about 80-90k on it. What else is good for the front shocks? OME? Ironman?
  16. HoosierJeeper

    Can't get rear UCA bracket to align with the axle

    Got the new UCA bolted in place with the 2 body mounts but I can't get the rear axle and the ball joint bracket to align. The axle needs to come back like 1/2" to an inch. How do I get them together again? Thanks!
  17. HoosierJeeper

    Broken sway bar bolt

    Trying to replace the rear UCA and snapped off a sway bar bolt... any ideas on how to proceed? tried vice grips without success. There's about 3/4" of thread showing. Also, what are the specs for the bolt? Thanks!
  18. HoosierJeeper

    Bad oil pressure sensor?

    Sometimes when I start the KJ in the morning the oil pressure light stays on after the other lights go out. I can shut it off and restart immediately and it goes off. No weird noises at all. No rattles or anything - did an oil/filter change to rule a bad ADBV out. The sensor is covered in oil...
  19. HoosierJeeper

    Front caliper slide pins

    Should they have a rubber bushing? Which pin goes in which hole? Having issues with the front passenger bottom slide pin sticking again and again. Thanks!
  20. HoosierJeeper

    RTI ramp scores

    Went wheeling yesterday and checked my RTI ramp a 528 on what I think was a 30deg ramp. Maybe I'm wrong on that. What's everyone else get?

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