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  1. Duster

    Battery is losing voltage on ‘05 Liberty Sport with 80k miles

    This kind of stuff can be hard to find, even with an easily readable wiring diagram. Basically if it has draw when parked, a relay is stuck on, or there is a small short somewhere on a wire that has always on power. That would be my thought process for narrowing down the hunt significantly...
  2. Duster

    Creak/knock from driver's side wheel when turning left.

    Thanks for coming back to update and confirm resolution. Builds the knowledge base. Often people don't do that and there's no solution after a lot of reading.
  3. Duster

    Anyone just driving with the ABS/ESP/Traction control christmas tree

    Ironically, it started raining here today. It reset on the fly on it's own within a mile and the lights have stayed off since. Kinda makes me wonder if water can reach the air gap of the sensor at the tone wheel? I never paid much attention to it when I switched my assemblies several years ago...
  4. Duster

    Anyone just driving with the ABS/ESP/Traction control christmas tree

    Yeah I would imagine it would get on your nerves plowing because it would get all confused and it's confusing to the driver when you haven't felt it in a good while. Especially the torque limiting. The natural response is to let off and be like what just happened when what you need to do is just...
  5. Duster

    Anyone just driving with the ABS/ESP/Traction control christmas tree

    Yeah you are right, I am looking at pictures and there appears to be an allen head holding the sensor in place. So it could be replaced if I could find one. You also reminded me of the good old warranty word lol. I looked and it's been almost exactly 6 years since I did both of mine. Still have...
  6. Duster

    Anyone just driving with the ABS/ESP/Traction control christmas tree

    Just wondering if any of you have just said screw it on this system and just drive on with the dash lights on? I assume you just don't have ABS anymore nor the traction control? I'm kind of aggrivated with it and at the moment the dash is staying lit and I'm not having any stupid issues while...
  7. Duster

    will do nothing when I turn to start

    Nope, 2006 and up are different. Different computer and all that. I had the red warning light issue. Hell I thought that was the fuel pump priming light until it started it's crap and I found out it wasn't. I was pretty lost at first. Other vehicles have a light that looks like a key! Not the...
  8. Duster

    Mystery noise...need troubleshooting help

    In my experience, noisey front wheel bearings sound like mud tire growl coming from the front end. They had no play so I thought it was something else, gave up and took it for diagnosis. He drove it, jacked it up, turned the front wheels and listened with a stethescope and said it was the front...
  9. Duster

    Blend door actuator

    That dash pic made me cringe. I had to gut a car one time because the door drains had these flapper things on the drain holes and they got stuck. The doors filled up with water until it got up high enough to find another place to drain from, which was into the interior of the car. Went out and...
  10. Duster

    Towing Upgrades - 05 KJ

    Yeah, open trailer seems to sail along fine. Depends on rather or not it has a ramp gate and how it's made. Again, not the weight, it's the air drag at interstate speed. A heavy duty mesh gate is like pulling a wall down the road at speed. I guess after a certain speed the aerodynamics are about...
  11. Duster

    02 kj for sale

    Yeah, me too. I have just had it for years and want yet another one. Someone got it new, drove it 6600 miles and I got it used half price. It has 240K now and I catch myself hawk eyeing for another that's a lot fresher sometimes. It think it's more that I think something major is going to...
  12. Duster

    Towing Upgrades - 05 KJ

    If I were you I would find out what it weighs exactly or roughly. Then think a bit more. I would also find out what size tires/wheels/bolt pattern it is. You may want to pick up new tires on wheels to take with you to go get it. If it hasn't been even opened in years, it's likely the tires are...
  13. Duster

    02 kj for sale

    Under a tree like the last one I happened across. I was like oh yeah, nice condition, limited, small lift, nice wheels and tires, all looking good until I realized it had been sitting there with one of the rear windows down for months. I keep looking around for Grandpa or Grandmas KJ to come up...
  14. Duster

    Weird problem (help!)

    Well it has to have one, but the 07 does not have one of the replaceable type. It has an electronic throttle body. To answer the question to the resolution... this was in 2014 and it was the battery. While I am thinking about this, and thinking about batteries, I am going to say something that...
  15. Duster

    Rear Swing gate wont open

    There is a little access panel on the door panel. Pull it, then reach in there and unplug the lock actuator. Then once you unlock again, it should then pop the glass and open the door when you pull on the handle. I need to replace the one in the door and the one on my back glass. Once in a...
  16. Duster

    2004 liberty no crank. Please help

    Get this resolved??? I usually check all the dumb stuff, like shift to neutral try to start, etc, etc. ASD relay swap, look for any signs it is key security related, etc.
  17. Duster

    Blend door actuator

    Look at the parts diagrams really good over again. Double check part name and number. I say this because I went through this on my Acura RDX. Everybody had their own name for the part I needed, including me. I had to look at the diagrams again, then look at all the related parts from everywhere...
  18. Duster

    06 Liberty pressure/vacuum at oil fill cap

    Pictures indicate what you are working on is a front wheel drive 4 cylinder... which is NOT a 2006 Jeep Liberty. What vehicle is this pictured above? Is it a Jeep Patriot maybe?
  19. Duster

    Jeep kj oil leak/10.5 mpg?

    While it is idling, pull the dipstick loose. See if you hear any sound. If not, pull the stick on out and put it aside. Feel for suction or air coming out of the dipstick tube. Let me know. Also, open your airbox, lift your filter and check your foam filter in the side of the box where the...
  20. Duster

    Oil pressure warning light 2005 Jeep Liberty

    I don't usually do this but this time around, I'm going to second the use of Mobil 1 in these engines. I've never worried too much about the viscosity numbers. The older ones called for 5w30 and the newer ones called for 5w20. The engine as far as I can tell did not change. So 0w20 5w20 0w30...

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