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    Crankshaft position sensor problems

    Crankshaft sensor cam off in pieces. This is all I have left to get out so I can put the new one in but I cant get it out. The next step is to take out the catalytic converter. Which I really don't want to do. Any other ideas?
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    Can I put this on my KJ.

    Please help and be nice. Can the lift kit on this 07 wrangler kj fit my 02 Liberty kj?
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    What is this?

    Hi, found this hanging. I saw it was capped off and just wanted to know what it was. Thanks
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    Hey I’m new and I need HELP!!!!

    Hi, I am new here. I have an 02 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7. I have had her for about 3 years now. Those year has been crazy. It’s like I’m always fixing something. But I enjoy it. Look I came here looking for help. I hooked up a trailer for the first time this weekend. I was driving it in 4...