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  1. after ome 1.5 hd

    after ome 1.5 hd

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    big thanks jba

    i was looking for a good place to praise the work of the folks down at jba.... someone must have read my impatiant post waiting on the old man (emu). in 2 days the parts arrived. I cant say they gave me a good deal cuz everyone would be looking for a deal, but they made me very happy. they know...
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    those r some crazy pics. nice work. wish i had the time to enjoy driving and photo ing. yesterday, not today finally got that post lift alignment. lube and filter and tire patch. soon i hope to post some pics of my own. keep venturing.
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    leaky radiator

    why do these rads all suck. im on my third. oem,oem, and canadian tire lifetime this time. cant remember the brand. but if it pops again they cover it. minus labour. and there is one in every town in canada, although they broke my fan shroud and missed a grill bolt. gotta love crappy tire.
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    Actual Lift Amount - Lets Compare Fender Heights

    was 18 all around..... 5000kms on ome 927 front now 21.5, 948 rear 22. + 1 xtra iso. on real heavy 16x8 keystone rims. 5" bs. sluggish but heavy duty.
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    Three ABS Lights On

    ya. abs sensor. did one once. didnt think it was a big deal until the traction control didnt engage. rear end gets very sloppy with no traction control. did like 3 loop d loops, ended up in a frozen field. no damage. be careful when those lights come on.
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    Brake lights stuck on. And no brake lights.

    My Windstar had the brake lights stay on . it was the master cylinder. Possibly sensor associated with brake fluid level. Pedal soft.? Close to floor?
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Damn no profile pic. Keep on tryin
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Maybe got the profile pic uploaded. Aswell as a couple in my albums. Duratracs stacked neatly in my garage waiting patiently for the old man emu, jba, please hurry hmmmmmmmmm
  10. IMG 20121118 181802

    IMG 20121118 181802

  11. IMG 20130527 072959

    IMG 20130527 072959

  12. playing in the mud

    playing in the mud

    Bad idea with highway tires.
  13. IMG 20121027 164429

    IMG 20121027 164429

  14. before ome 1.5

    before ome 1.5

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    Brush guard saved my kj!

    brush guard = 3" 10mph. guess a good question might be.... could you use that extra 3"? ive locked em up and ended up at maybe 1" glad i didnt have a brush guard....
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    hi everyone

    fur sur bro thx... n of barrie.... u need a good vehicle. i used to drive a windstar. sudbury broke her on the 3rd trip. not the kj. ruff tho.
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    hi everyone

    Just like to say hello to all the super smart folks on here, you all have been extremly valuable in my kj fixer.thank you all !!!:mexsmoke::mexsmoke::mexsmoke: ive been looking around here for quite some time, now that ive got my ome 1.5 ordered i thoutgt i should become a member. a lil...
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    Hi guys n gals

    ooops sorry. im new wrong place. welcome. is what i should say here....
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    Hi guys n gals

    welcome im new here too. thank you to all regular posters for much valued info. i wont post much gab. just lookin to share my kj experience. dont have much time online. a lil background. Bought out my wifes kj. for commercial use, 80k kms per year. kicks ass. durable. pleased. 06 2 skids...