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    Heater core question

    I have poor heat in my 03 Liberty. I have attached a page from the service manual with the diagnostic procedures. The coolant is correct and was changed early this year. One of the aluminum heater lines is much cooler than the other and it never really heats up. The blower and controls all...
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    Another fog light question

    I am thinking of adding factory fog lights to my 2003 KJ. I would use factory lights, and (possibly) install a separate switch. I know how to do wiring. The Jeep does not have DRL. I can easily hook up the fog lights to come on automatically when the low beams are on, or when the running...
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    03 KJ Air in power steering, no leak, no power

    I have an 03 KJ 3.7 project I just replaced the engine and a leaky power steering pressure side hose. The pump and hose were disconnected and sitting in the garage for a couple of months while I messed with the engine. When I put everything back together, I tried to burp the power steering and...
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    2003 KJ 3.7 engine replacement

    I am replacing the engine on my 2003 Liberty. It is the 3.7. I started on it today and got the wiring and the intake off of the engine. I have a couple of questions. 1) Lifting: What is a good point to attach a chain in the back of the engine? In the front, there are mounting holes for the...

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