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    Metallic clicking when turning!

    I used a cheap ball joint set off ebay. I am able to grease the top ones but lower have no grease fittings. I bet that is what it is! Thanks I will check
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    Metallic clicking when turning!

    Also I replaced the sway bar links and bushings as well. Still doing it!
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    Metallic clicking when turning!

    I can't even see the rubber boot lol? My Jeep is a 2wd is that why. Are the CV axles only on 4X4 models?
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    Metallic clicking when turning!

    Hey guys... My Jeep is making this EXACT same sound when turning the wheel. Yet I do not see any CV joints? I checked my front end thoroughly and I am puzzled to say the least. It does this clicking with engine on & off when the wheel is turned. I am worried something is wearing out and will...
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    Help guys... Please.

    Hello to all... I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7. Check engine light had been on and I pulled a code for U1411. Jeep ran well except for rough idle where it went up then gurgled way down to point of almost stalling then revived itself over and over. Replaced fuel pump & switch last...
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    Any tire experts?

    Hey all... I had a rear passenger side flat on my 2006 Liberty yesterday. I was headed out to work and drive approx 2000 feet on the rim before realizing it and went back home. I used fix a flat and took it to a tire shop and had it patched for a small nail. My concern is the sidewall has a...

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