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    I have an 06 KJ with the 3.7 auto, it vibrates at idle, at 35 to 50 mph and anything above 65 mph. I like it in the steering wheel and when im above 65 on the highway it feels like it wants to drift when i hit bumps. I has it looked at and a shop told me that all the wheel bearings are fine...
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    Computer/Electrical problem

    i have an 06 and today my ipod quit working on the radio, the steering wheel controls and the cruise cuts in and out, and the ESP/BAS light, the Air bag light, the ABS light and the Traction control light all flash at the same time when im driving. Can anyone tell me what is happening???
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    narrow or wide?

    what is better for mudding, narrow or wider tires?
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    new tires

    i am looking at getting new tires this month and i want some opinions on which size is better. My stock size is 225/75/16 and i was think about either 235/75/16 or 245/70/16 for firestone destination a/t. Which size would be better to get without a lift?
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    salt stains on carpet...

    whats the best thing to use to get salt stains out of the carpeting?