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  1. jimkelly

    P0038 Code

    Hi need a little help. My 2007 KJ has a little over 50k on the odometer and the check engine light is on. It's throwing code P0038- O2 sensor 1/2 heater circuit high. Attempted to reset the code with the scanner but nogo, there's definately a problem. I have the FSM for my vehicle and read...
  2. jimkelly

    Items for Sale

    Cleaning out the basement. Prices listed do not include actual shipping charges to be paid by the buyer. My zip code is 19124 if you want to fiqure out an approximate cost for the shipping. The Karrite Voyager cannot be shipped and is available for pickup only. As I sell the items I...
  3. jimkelly

    The Direction of the Jeep Brand by 2013

    The Jeep Brand by 2013 I'm sure you guys seen the 2011 Jeep lineup. Looks like chrysler/dodge/jeep is putting their 11/09plan into action: As you all probably know the Commander, Compass and Patriot are gone...
  4. jimkelly

    Very Crazy Evic Question

    I'm embarrassed to say I did not know what an evic was until tonight. That being said, I'm very interested in one now I know what it is. I've read several threads about evic's and did not find an answer to my question. so here it goes. Can the EVIC unit be taken apart and stripped to...
  5. jimkelly

    To Paint or Not to Paint that is the question

    I am interested in painting the belt line with spray on bedliner. I have already purchased all the supplies but have been hesitant to complete the project. I am nervous on how the finished project will look on my KJ. I don't want to strip and repaint again if I don't like the results. Here...
  6. jimkelly

    Just couldn't wait to install these

    I was out all day and when I came home my package arrived from :happy107: Just couldn't wait to install them: I'll post better pictures in my album after I detail the KJ.
  7. jimkelly

    Just seen this for the first time

    Didn't see this video before: Orangeville mudbog 2010. The pickup truck in the video looks stupid jacked that high. This guy has 2.5" of lift and 31" inch tires on his KJ. _2pqPm8BWR4
  8. jimkelly

    Driving on Daytona Beach

    Finally uploaded these pictures:
  9. jimkelly

    Jimkelly's 2007 KJ Sport

    Ok So I finally decided to build my Journal. I am the Proud second owner of a 2007 Jeep Liberty Sport 4X4. My vehicle "born on date" is November 2006. By the build sheet, and documents found in the vehicle for maintenance, my KJ was originally custom ordered & purchased through the...
  10. jimkelly

    Front Recovery point(s) Help me decide

    Ok so the next mod is to install front recovery point(s). I've read all the threads and "how to's" about them but I'm still up in the air. My options are: 1. Curt Mfg Front Hitch 2. Factory Tow Hooks 3. DIY D-Rings I like the look of the tow hooks or D-Rings, but I also like the...
  11. jimkelly

    06 Renegade

    A disgruntled Wife in Kentucky is selling her husbands tricked out 06 KJ Renegade she won in the divorce settlement for $8,200 . I feel bad for the guy: It's one sweet ride! Some of the stuff he had installed: ARB front bumper with warn 8000 winch 2.5" frankenlift II moab wheels with...
  12. jimkelly

    Anyone Interested in My "like new" spare tire for free?

    First come first serve. I just replaced my stock tires 225/75/16 with 245/75/16 and I am replacing the spare in 2 weeks. Its a "brand new" 225/75 R16 Goodyear Wrangler ST from 2008. It has never been used on the vehicle and has always been covered with a tire cover. I would like it to go...
  13. jimkelly

    My KJ visited Germany

    I was going through all the paperwork on my vehicle the other day and I forgot that my car was originally purchased through the Military Exchange Sales Program and shipped to Germany. When the vehicle was returned to the United States it was then titled in Maryland with 3,731 miles...
  14. jimkelly

    Trade Door Moldings?

    Trying to get my hands on the Cherokee molded rubber door moldings in dark grey for my 2007 Jeep Liberty. Anyone interested in trading my Liberty ones for Cherokee ones?
  15. jimkelly

    Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance

    Anyone a member of Blue Moutain Jeep Alliance in Pennsylvania? I was thinking about joining but wanted to hear from some current members first.
  16. jimkelly

    Stock Flex

    Just got some new rubber and decided to take a little break in ride. Mixed city, highway & gravel and found this neat little dirt mound and couldn't resist taking a few pics so here they are:
  17. jimkelly

    Failed State Vehicle Inspection

    Well I knew I need tires soon but thought I would squeak past the vehicle inspection.... Wrong Answer. Pepboys was doing my inspection & emissions testing. So I went for something they had in stock. I don't go trailing much (3 times a year) but we do get a good amount of snow so I wanted an...
  18. jimkelly

    Photos of my KJ

    Finally snapped some photos of my kj
  19. jimkelly

    CB Mounted Today!

    Just finished mounting my cb and antenna today. Here are some pics
  20. jimkelly

    2007 KJ Owners Manual

    I have a brand new owners manual I purchased from Chrysler for $30.00 when I thought I did'nt have one. After I received it, I found the original owners manual hiding in it's hidden location.:mad: It's yours for $10.00 PLUS actual shipping costs. My location is Philadelphia, PA.