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    Selling my Jeep

    Hey Everyone!!! I’m selling my 2002 Jeep Liberty because I’m leaving out country and I don’t wanna keep it sitting here . Let someone enjoy it !!! Great condition no mechanical issues Ome lift kit. Interested!!! Text me for more info and pictures 9097279321 The jeep is in Georgia
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    2002 Limited 3.7L Engine Repair/Replace Advice

    My best advice is too ask the local dealership on a cost for a new engine i know it’s a bit expensive but guaranteed because i had to change a 3 engines at local shops and it costed me the same cost the dealership offered me . Or u can buy a used one with a warranty and have someone trusted to...
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    Tcc out of range

    Hey Guy’s!!! Got a 2002 Kj limited Check engine light went on i scanned the jeep got the code P0740. The thing is a day earlier the coolant hose blew out and emptied the antifreeze on the engine . I don’t know if this affected the torque clutch converter or not ? And I couldn’t find its location...
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    Curious-what is in your KJ toolkit?

    Oil change and wheel change kit . Towing cables jumper cables
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    Lift kit advice

    Need your advice for my kj lift between an OME 1.5’ or skyjacker 2.5’ ?