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  1. profdlp


    Anyone here any do any extensive soundproofing? I got my Crutchfield catalog this week and they had an article about soundproofing kits. Though they were kind of pricey and I knew they wouldn't have one for the Liberty, it did get me to thinking. (Dangerous, I know.) I am planning a big...
  2. profdlp

    Hi Lift Jack

    Anyone think it is crazy to mount one of these to my roof rack? I would like to have it and I figure others might too. My main concern is theft. Are there locks for these?
  3. profdlp

    Best Place For Evap Leak Test

    Is the dealer a good place for a P0456 code diagnosis? I live in a county with this dumb stupid eCheck: (If I lived about two miles south or west of where I am I would not need it as I would be in a different county.) I renewed my tags for two years about a...
  4. profdlp


    The Favicon for this site needs changed! Or else! Seriously, can't we get a Jeep icon or something less like a black square with an illegible scribble in the middle? Your Pal, Prof
  5. profdlp

    Skid Plate Part Numbers

    Looking for a list of Mopar Skid Plate part numbers for my 2007. Finally found a site that claims to have them and says they will fit but I don't want to order hundreds of dollars worth of stuff and have to ship it back.
  6. profdlp

    Eight Years

    Got my 2007 Liberty eight years ago today. 42,250 miles at the time, just over 100,000 today. I paid $14,998 for it, which means that thus far it has cost me $1,874.75 per year or about $156 per month. I'm hoping to get at least eight more years out of it which would halve those cost...
  7. profdlp

    Garage Air Compressor

    Looking for an inexpensive air compressor for my garage. Don't really need specific brand/model advice, just what to look for in general terms. I am not likely to start collecting a bunch of air-powered tools or anything, just something for inflating tires and blowing dust off of stuff. I...
  8. profdlp

    Jeep Kit - Plus Bonus Boombox Pictures

    How cool would this be? And...has anyone ever seen one of these?
  9. profdlp

    Who Has The Oldest Liberty Here?

    I know it's not me, but who has the oldest Liberty here? Should be running and in regular (though not necessarily daily) use. Post the Year, Build Date, and First-Sold Date if you know them.
  10. profdlp

    New Gladiator Ad

    This is one of the best Jeep ads I've seen in some time. Yeah, for the price of the Gladiator I think I would buy ten used Liberty's and start my own fleet, but with Bill Murray what's not to like:
  11. profdlp

    GASCAP Alert

    I had this wonderful thing pop up a couple days ago. Checked with my ODB reader and have no codes. The gas cap is on there good. Any suggestions? I would keep researching this but am due to leave on a trip tomorrow and would feel better if I knew something else to try.
  12. profdlp

    Jeep Is A Solid...Jeep

    I could not tell at first what model of Jeep this was. Believe it or not, the lady and her two kids walked away from this crash unhurt.
  13. profdlp

    Towing Post Lift

    Looks like I will be making the 375 mile haul back from Virginia in a few weeks with a pretty heavily loaded trailer. (I do not want to have to make another trip, ever.) By "heavily loaded" I mean within the standard limits of the Jeep and hitch, not trying to do something crazy. Now that...
  14. profdlp

    Starting Problems

    I am supposed to leave Wednesday for five days of deer hunting, so the timing of this *****. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Yesterday my Jeep would not start on the first crank. It does not seem to be the battery at all. It is less than three years old, my Garmin shows good voltage...
  15. profdlp

    WTB: Armor for a 2007

    I could use the basic armor (Front Suspension, Transmission, Transfer Case). If anyone has a good deal and are close enough so I don't get hoarked on shipping, let me know.
  16. profdlp

    Jeep confirms return of Wagoneer

    This will make a lot of people happy, I would say: Wagoneer ho! Jeep confirms return of legendary SUV
  17. profdlp

    Breather Hose?

    I come out of the movies Sunday night and am approaching the Jeep when I notice something dangling down at the front. (The front of the JEEP - watch your dirty mind.) Being the paranoid type, I figured someone had been messing with it. In bright sunlight, it appears to be a breather hose from...
  18. profdlp

    DWM Seeks AJP For Wild Weekend, Maybe More

    I read on the Internet about one simple trick which can add up to 4", put a new Spring in your action, Shock you out of your doldrums, and Lift your spirits. There is some debate about whether you'll have a new Strut, though. I am ready to get rolling on my lift. For the sake of starting...
  19. profdlp

    Debating An Offroading Lighting Idea

    I'm putting this in the "Fabrication" forum because these would take some work. I am a member of SG and can get four of these lights for $60: New U.S. Military Surplus Headlights These are 24V lights and I would have to replace the sealed beams inside them. I would also have to hunt...
  20. profdlp

    Jeep's 75th Anniversary - Nice Article

    Badge of Honor: Jeep's heroic 75-year campaign

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