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  1. drfd74

    thank you northeastern snow storm

    I got a new set of Bridgestone 235/70R16 Dueler A/T Revo 2's on my wife's 07 KJ sport w/ stock alloy rims. So far traction on ice/snow have been super. How about you send some of that snow up here to the N.W. Rockies (MT) we have been El Nino'ed big time. Had snow when got new tires in 12/09...
  2. drfd74

    Windshild washer res. bottle leak?

    I'm having issues with my 07 KJ's washer bottle leaking at the pump base location. Ever since I had to drain the tank to put a better fluid that wouldn't freeze up. I removed one of the lines to the pump to drain it & must have broke the seal from the factory or something. I pulled out the pump...
  3. drfd74

    Hi from the UK!!!

    Welcome to the forum, NIZE rig.wavey.gif
  4. drfd74

    I found this today at the ASC store there

    What brand hitch is that? Also (just me) I would shop around for best price OEM wire harness.
  5. drfd74

    New Rubber On The Way

    I believe that you will like them, I've got them on my 07 KJ & so far so good especially on snow/ice here in MT. Good luck.perfect10.gif
  6. drfd74

    mopar hd cooling kit *NEW* part #82206937 f/s

    I found the same kit on this site: for $236.50 + shipp.
  7. jeepsoncampbirdrd.JPG File

    jeepsoncampbirdrd.JPG File

  8. drfd74

    mopar hd cooling kit *NEW* part #82206937 f/s

    From what vendor???
  9. drfd74

    kinda late but here's My libby

    Welcome to the forum, nize rig. Plenty of great stuff on this site, I'm a newbie also & have discovered a whole mess of tips and ideas for future fixes and upgrades also. wavey.gif
  10. drfd74

    My JK Updated...

    Awesome rig AZKJ(biggthumpup)
  11. drfd74

    What does everybody pay for their fuel

    Filled up yesterday, $2.64 gal. reg. gas.
  12. drfd74

    On FleaBay

    I'm looking to get a class 3 rec. hitch for my 07 KJ, would this one be as good as or better than the factory oem unit?
  13. drfd74

    OEM cooling system fan upgrade?

    cooling fan upgd. quest? The OEM kit in question:PT#82206937 $236.50 HD cooling upgrade OEM rec. hitch PT#82207535 $146.78 Parts & info. ref. from : I have a mopar copy of the upgrade kit instructions that show all...
  14. drfd74

    OEM cooling system fan upgrade?

    I am considering installing a class 3 rec. hitch on my 07 KJ & also a mopar cooling fan upgrade kit to make it up to spec. for trailer towing. My rig has 3.7/ auto/ 4X4-stock sport. My question is, I checked the spec. sheet on installation & it is a real easy job to do, but what I noticed was...
  15. drfd74

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the group. icon996.gif
  16. drfd74

    Hey all!

    Welcome, Newbie also. My wife has her 07 KJ & I have my 97 TJ . You found a great site indeed!!! drfd74(wrangler)(libsilver)
  17. drfd74

    New Guy Charleston Sc

    Welcome,(welcome) nice rig. Whats the story on that grill guard. Is it OEM or after mkt.? drfd74
  18. drfd74

    Best Windshield Wiper Fluid???

    Frozen THX for the good tip, now if I can just warm up the car enough to get the new fluid to the rear spray noz. Is that the reason its so cold here in Montana, all those Canadian cold fronts being pushed our way. HA HA burrr!! Just Joshin. drfd74
  19. drfd74

    New Guy

    I hear ya! (welcome)