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  1. moncalain

    11.2 mpg (us) :O

    Thank you tommudd, for my driving, like I said it is with normal driving, not like a rocket and not like a grandma... lol I fallow the traffic. For the maintenance I did one on the brake to grease the calliper pin and to check the pad, everything was fine there. I was wandering if some of you...
  2. moncalain

    11.2 mpg (us) :O

    This is the spec of the tire rockymountain, my 245/70r16 bfg are 29.5 inch 705 revs per miles and my stock tire are 235/65r17 29.1 inch 719 revs per miles.
  3. moncalain

    11.2 mpg (us) :O

    Stock tire do 719 revs per mile and mine do 705, the is a différence of 1.02%, I don't call that a huge difference!!!
  4. moncalain

    11.2 mpg (us) :O

    Thank you rockymountain, when I said that I have about the same number with my winter tire, I wasn't thinking about the winter month when the temperature is very cold and the long idling time this increase very much the number, no because your are right, you cant complain about a poor mpg in...
  5. moncalain

    11.2 mpg (us) :O

    Hi LibertyFever, I'm in the west in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. And for the calculaton, no nothing wrong with it, I check it with my evic and I do the calculation manually when I tank, it is always between 21 to 25 L/100 (11 to 9.5 MPG US). For most city driving and maybe 15-20% highway, and like I...
  6. moncalain

    11.2 mpg (us) :O

    No Idling and very normal driving JeepJeepster, and 11.2 is my best score to date, I've got worse, so i'm very far from 17... I know that there is a problem I just dont know what it is ??? If I dont find it soon I think I will change my Libby for something else, I just cant affort near $400 of...
  7. moncalain

    11.2 mpg (us) :O

    Lol tjkj2002! I think you have a big budget for gas... But for t he plug, I tried a set of new oe before changing it to bosh without better improvement, that's why I change them to bosh. And for the tire it is thru they are heavier, but with my winter tire (stock size) I have not a better mileage.
  8. moncalain

    11.2 mpg (us) :O

    Last September I bought a 2006 Libby Ltd, it has around 78k km (49k m) on it. Since I bought it I found it ******* gas. So before winter I change it to synthetic and I put a new air filter. This spring I put six new Bosh platinum +4, but I did not see much improvement. I also changed the tire...
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  13. Petit plaisir d'été

    Petit plaisir d'été

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    P1040235 1

  15. moncalain

    Evic question?

    Hi, is anyone know if the temp display will work with an evic model #56042756A1 in a 2006 liberty?
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  20. My 2006 Liberty Ltd

    My 2006 Liberty Ltd