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    Commercial Glass Cleaner

    This is a great product!! but the picture got me great idea !!:winner_third_h4h:
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    2011 jeep liberty, 3 quick issues

    JasonJ is spot on!! follow his instructions and you should sort it out
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    2005 CRD Liberty

    Sorry about the 2005 heading "DOH" brains in the clouds sometimes. I did not realise the US did not make the diesel version i will have to look into it and find out. As of the timing belt every 100,000 K is not so bad.. Thanks for the reply see what else pops up in the next week
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    2005 CRD Liberty

    Hey guys, I have been a fan of 4x4 style vehicles since the old war movies and how the jeeps had element of beauty and pure power, literally drive through just about anything. I have owned many different motors from Golf MK4 to a Vauxhall Vectra VXR which i still own and i'm keeping her! Now...
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    hey guys new to the group

    New to forums in general going to be good to chat to everyone