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  1. moncalain

    11.2 mpg (us) :O

    Last September I bought a 2006 Libby Ltd, it has around 78k km (49k m) on it. Since I bought it I found it ******* gas. So before winter I change it to synthetic and I put a new air filter. This spring I put six new Bosh platinum +4, but I did not see much improvement. I also changed the tire...
  2. moncalain

    Evic question?

    Hi, is anyone know if the temp display will work with an evic model #56042756A1 in a 2006 liberty?
  3. moncalain

    Frankenlift vs ome+bilstein+shim+clevis

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if the frankenlift give more lift than the ome/bilstein/boiler shim/clevis* setup, and if it does, by how much? I already know there is about +- $300 between the two kits, but the Frankenlift come preassembled. Is there any other advantage to use the...
  4. moncalain

    Is these parts correct for a 3'' budget lift?

    Hi guys, i'm new to this forum, recently I bought a 2006 liberty ltd v6 4x4 with 66k km on it. I'm planning to lift it high enought to fit 265/70r16 on moab wheel. I have read many post in this forum to know that I want OME spring in my kit but I not ready to pay for a frankenlift at this...